Sid Valentine


Sid is a little over six feet tall, with mostly blonde hair and blue eyes. If you pushed him for his age, he’d tell you he was somewhere in his thirties. He never really moved with the times, and his clothes generally look a decade or two behind the status quo. This is compounded by a personal belief that culturally, the eighties is when the world peaked. Despite all this, he carries himself with an unearthly grace and rarely finds himself short of attention.


The unwanted product of a young duchess’s one night stand, Sid grew up without a family. The closest he got to a parent was Dr Crowe, who needed regular checkups to monitor a unique genetic condition Sid had. With no real sense of identity he rebelled against authority, constantly being moved on until his sixteenth birthday when no school would take him. However, sixteen is also when he received his first allowance, or his hush money as Sid preferred to call it. On the condition that he didn’t make try to find out about his parents, his lifestyle expenses were to be paid for.

Willing to try anything once, or several times if he really liked it, Sid experienced a lot of the London Underground and just about every substance in it. He began to realise his life lacked meaning, and as he watched the Cockney Rejects performing in a Mile End pub, the sound of punk rekindled the feelings of his youth, the anger at authority that had dwindled since he started taking his hush money. Vowing not to take another penny, he used the last of his cash on a guitar and started to learn.

It wasn’t hard to find a band. It wasn’t even a band really, just some mates who could play. The music was more about emotion than the tune anyway, and when Sid played, he felt the audience react to his every word, to every chord. Each performance he began to feel attuned to the audience, a feeling that all it would take is one little push and they would do whatever he asked. Of course, Sid would try anything once.

After the riots, Sid knew he had something unique. Not just a way with words, he had a Way with Words. He could touch a person’s soul and leave them altered to his whim. It wasn’t long before The Order contacted him through Dr Crowe.

Realising that not only were there powers beyond his knowledge at work, but that there were levels of authority to rebel against he had not even imagined he agreed to work for them as a means to understanding them. He got more than he bargained for, and learned that The Order had been tracking him all his life, as his powers were likely inherited from his father, an elf nobleman from the fey world, his Elvin features carefully managed through cosmetic surgery in his youth, under the guise of a genetic disorder

Two decades of intensive training in all manner of fields, no contact with his band (apart from Chad, his favourite cab driver and probably his best friend) and he was finally ready for field work. Taking a cover job as a paranormal investigator for the Sutton Guardian, he could investigate potential leads while misinforming the public about the truth.

He’d found the direction he had yearned for, but the feeling that he was just a tool for authority never left him. On a mission to the Fey World, he learned of a drug called Nectar. It seemed like the perfect way to rebel, what could go wrong?

Sid Valentine

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