Fairy Law & (The) Order

Casefile 4.04: n0t_f0und.txt
"Y0u're g0nna carry that weight."

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Our plan changed to; return to compound, deal with leftover guards and interrogate warlock there. So we did. The warlock was gagged and had rope wrapped around his hands and fingers so he could not cast spells. Sid wanted to magically compel him on top of the truth serum, so I suggested he compel him not to attempt to use any verbal spell components.

There were discussions on how to force feed a warlock a truth serum once he was awake. To which I promptly took the truth serum and put it into his mouth whilst he was unconscious and clamped his mouth shut, and waited. When he didn’t choke I assumed he had reflexively swallowed it, checked his mouth and he had. Then they woke him up and Sid charmed him to “Divulge as much information as possible.”

  • The Warlock’s name was Viktor and he was thirty, Russian and working for The Master.
  • The Master works through Rupert Emsworth and Rupert told Viktor to open a portal to the Fey here so the master could come through and claim the world.
  • Viktor’s brother works for Emsworth directly in Los Angeles.
  • They are working with the Order.
  • They want to break the seals. (I confirmed that the seals are what binds the humans to the accords and is basically broken by humans summoning demons, which is why the accords were agreed to in the first place.
  • Breaking the seals would allow the master to dominate the world (clarified as the fey would not be bound by the accords any more they could all unite under Valucian.)
  • They cleansed the American Orders that knew too much.
  • The Elven amulets are the “Mark of the Praetorian” which invites the bearer to become one of Valucian’s guard.
  • Breaking the seals is a two part process, this part is opening portals for Valucian. The second part is his brother’s task. The Ozone smell is due to portals.

We decided to imprison Viktor, in the hopes of founding an order that imprisons and attempts to rehabilitate rather than always executing. We took him to our headquarters and set Nick and Newt on creating a prison cell.

Felicity contacted her employer who agreed it was in our best interest to come to L.A. and investigate or apprehend Rupert Emsworth. He arranged a private jet and for some supplies for when we landed. I requested a surveillance van and kit. We then staked out Rupert’s mansion which Felicity was able to provide us the blueprints for.

>insert blueprints.png

Tobias also purchased a neighbouring house for us to have a cover story of ongoing repair work. During our few days of surveillance we noted some patterns and details.

  • Two guards on premises during the day, Ten and night.
  • Rupert goes to work in the morning, convoy, Humvee, Limo, Humvee with three guards in each Humvee, and two in the Limousine
  • House has a maid, a butler, two grounds keepers and a mechanic.
  • In the evening sometimes Rupert stays home and swims etc. sometimes he goes out with a light security detail.

We decide to enter his house during the day, myself and Crichton would sneak about under the effects of James’ invisibility spell and my synchronicity spell. I would plant our hidden cameras whilst Crichton scouted the security and then we would get out. Crichton scaled the perimeter wall, noting there was a motion sensor, I flew over with my winged boots. We moved around the side of the house, checked the garage door and it was alarmed. So we moved on until we saw an open window, climbing in to Bedroom #4 which appeared to be a guard bunk. I set up a camera and we went back outside, going around to the back of the house.

In the outdoor kitchen the butler was moving between here and the indoor kitchen setting up some sort of barbecue preparation. We set up a camera overlooking the outdoor kitchen and pool before slipping inside the house through the open door. Then set up a camera in the family room, being careful not to disturb the guard in the dinette area who was sitting and reading. We set up a camera near the door facing into the house so between that and the family room camera he had two angles on the main area of the house.

We slipped into the closed study covered by the noise of the maid who was vacuuming and had just dropped an attachment or something, and we set up a camera in here aimed at the computer and made a note of it’s location. We were then able to move into the master suite and set up two cameras in the master bedroom. Whilst we moved around the house Crichton was keeping an eye on the guards and looking out for alarms, cameras and other security measures inside; Crichton found no CCTV or similar internal security. Once we had made it to the master bedroom we didn’t think we had time to check out the garage, so we made our exit through the back and re-scaled the wall.

>insert hiddencameras.png

Once we were out I discussed going back in because we hadn’t seen any internal cameras and checking out the computer in the study. James could get me in as a small rodent or bug with his polymorph, I could get into the system and teleport out. So we did just that, James polymorphed me into a fly and when I appeared on the lens of the camera in the room he waited for me to go to the middle of the room and cancelled the spell. I think dispelled the wards on the computer and set about hacking the machine. I was able to learn that Viktor’s brother was not creating a hell portal somewhere out in the desert but in a hidden basement of the mansion below us.

At that point apparently a security guard had managed to sneak up on me without my noticing, open the study door and aim a gun at my head without my team who were watching our CCTV cameras alerting me. I attempted to cast sleep on him and it seemed to have no effect. Then he shot me.

I woke up to quite the scene, I was now in the dining room, gunshots had been fired, broken glass was everywhere and my team was inserting into the mansion. Declan and F0rd had healed me back to consciousness with their holy magic. I heard a spell being cast but couldn’t see the source, and what I can only assume was the warlock came out of invisibility, disguised as a mechanic, and a stinking cloud covered most of the room. I couldn’t see much inside the cloud but I stayed in the fog, thinking that no one would shoot me if they couldn’t see me. I couldn’t keep myself from retching long enough to cast a spell, but I heard the warlock attempt to cast a scorching ray, I tried to counter it but I couldn’t. I think Declan was trying to dispel the fog too, but then I sensed the warlock trying to cast finger of death and I knew F0rd was already injured. I desperately managed to counterspell that one and finally got out of the fog; once out of the fog I could see a giant ape, which Declan said was with us, and a T-Rex. The ape was beating a guard and the T-Rex was struggling toward the Warlock.

The ape took some bullets and the spell fizzled revealing James. The T-Rex bit the Warlock’s head clean off and there was a burst of magical energy which again, I tried to counterspell but it didn’t have the “form” of a spell, and our Templar Sid, as a T-Rex was dragged into a portal to hell with the smell of sulphur. The warlock’s corpse collapsed as did the portal and we were left in the house with defeated guards and chaos strewn about us. I would later learn that this was the warlock’s plan, to sacrifice a human to hell to break the seals. For now though, we were thinking that S.W.A.T. were probably not far away.


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Casefile 4.03: c4b!n_!n_th3_w00d5.txt
I am never g0nna see a merman. Ever.

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We further questioned Felicity in regards to the Warlock once we had made it back to Sid’s flat. The Warlock was staying in a house in the lake district. This small dilapidated cottage was actually a front for another underground Axiom research facility. The Warlock had at least six armed guards with him and at least one was a trainer sniper. The facility was researching portals to the Feywild and may be a potential Feywild crossing point.

The facility has four underground levels;
Ground floor: decoy cottage
-1: Security level
-2: Accommodation & offices
-3: Laboratories
-4: Maintenance Basement

There may be an underwater entrance, due to the maintenance tunnels for the water pipes. This would lead to floor -4. There may be an emergency exit which could be used as an entrance into floor -2. There is an elevator that leads from the ground floor to -1 only.

Luckily Felicity had a few of the access codes for the building on top of this layout information, and some Veritas Serums (Truth Potion) for questioning the Warlock.

We talked through some of our options in regards to plans, slightly worried that if we spooked the warlock he’d possibly escape through the Feywild portal if he had created one. I rigged up one of Crichton’s thermal cameras to our drone. We booked into the Derwentwater Independent Hotel (opposite side of lake Derwentwater) and along the way noted the heavy smell of Ozone, getting stronger the closer we got.

>insert c4b1n_1n_th3_w00d5.jpg

The drone recon revealed someone in the cottage, as well as the patrol routes of the above ground guards, as they moved from the cabin to the lake’s dock. James and Crichton worked out potential sniping locations.

James summoned us a Submarine, and I used my detect magic to keep an eye out for wards. We were able to find the location of the pipes so Ford went scuba-diving. He was able to access the pipelines with his tools and scoped them out a little. He returned to the Sub and briefed us, James used his magic to polymorph Ford into an Octopus so he was better able to scout the inside of the water pipes. Ford then realised there was a hatch we could access if we were able to bypass the heavy flow of water somehow.

We returned to the hotel room and devised a plan. The next day we did some investigation of the local area throughout the day; James and I rented a boat and checkout out the scarf stones. Ford and Declan hiked the lake’s perimeter and then at nightfall we went to work. James re-summoned the submarine and we went back to the pipelines. Declan was able to use his ability to Control Water to give us just enough leeway to get into the pipe as Ford opened the hatch with his welding and cutting tools. We climbed into the maintenance tunnels and Ford closed the hatch behind us, mending it. Declan allowed the water to return to normal flow and we explored the tunnel.

The tunnel had multiple security doors but our access codes worked. I noted the cameras but I was able to get into the security system through them, but I let the team know that these doors would communicate somewhere that they were open, so we entered and closed the doors as quickly as we could.

>insert residentevil.png

Eventually we wound up in the maintenance chamber and to our surprise all of the equipment and control panels were manned by zombies, about a baker’s dozen zombies. I say about because without a moments hesitation Declan ran forth, raising his bat up high and summoned some mighty divine power, as all but one of the zombies exploded into flames and ash. Myself and Crichton were then able to bring down the last zombie before any of them even reacted and I got to work on the machinery. Ford assisted me as the room seemed half mechanical and half computerised. I reset the error messages on the pipes we had entered which were indicating low pressure.

In the next room there was a large turbine which was likely powering the facility to keep it off-grid. It appeared that this was the computer mainframe but it was ensorcelled with wards, James was able to dispel the wards and I used my magic to create an admin login, quickly locating the research information, CCTV and miscellaneous data which I copied to some of my storage devices and deleted from the facility harddrives. We then began to check the security cameras and look over the backlog of footage.

The live footage from the facility showed us that we were now alone on the fourth floor, there was some sort of portal and overgrowth of vines and plants on the third floor, the second floor cameras were out of order, and the first floor showed a security guard who wasn’t really paying attention to the cameras and a hooded figure meeting with someone who looked like an experienced mercenary, a team leader perhaps. I looked through the previous days’ footage, and saw the moment the portal opened three days ago, and two of the Ethereal Elves exited the portal as it was formed, and the plant growth had stemmed from the gateway but at an alarming rate. It was the elves who raised the zombies in the maintenance rooms. Felicity referred to the Elves as “Wights”, I suggested “Deatheaters” or “Nazgûl” but I don’t think it was up for discussion.

>insert welshfairyp0rtal.jpg

We moved as a group, carefully and stealthily to the third floor to investigate a portal. The room was dense with vegetation which appeared to be like the rainforest and for a moment I thought I saw a boggle in the trees. James set to dispel the portal like he had done with Granny’s time portal. As he did so the portal began to wane and close.

We managed to sneak past the second floor and onto the first floor. On my tablet I was able to monitor the meeting room with the warlock and guard captain. As we moved closer to the meeting room the meeting began to end. James put up a major image to cover us as we were in a room with glass walls and the Warlock was headed our way. He opened the door and Crichton hit him with a silence spell. Despite the silence he was still able to vanish from our sight with a teleportation effect and before we knew it the two Elves were readying for combat.

We fought hard against the two Elves, and as F0rd went down, myself and Declan stood over him, Declan’s spiritual guardians laying into the Ghostly Elves who reeked of death. Sid was able to trap one of the elves inside a magic circle. The Warlock however was getting away, so Declan located object on the Warlock’s robes and radioed Nick who was acting overwatch with a rifle that the Warlock was escaping.

Once we had managed to dispatch the Elves we took their amulets and Nick confirmed the Warlock was down, we rushed to the surface and the other perimeter guards had been taken out by our overwatch. We managed to reach the warlock who was badly injured and stabilised his wounds and quickly made plans to evacuate the area.


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Casefile 4.02: d34d5h0t.txt
bl00d m0ney

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We prepared for our meeting with the mysterious person that we were hoping was Feelum. James did some preparation work around the area. Declan prayed for guidance through his divinations. I went to Sports Direct, bought a backpack and filled it with thirty pounds of C4, but I had to explain to the team that the bag was staying here and was just premade in case we needed a plan B at some point in the future.

Once we arrived Sid received a phone call, asking him to meet her alone on the bridge. We could see a woman on the bridge, not moving one way or the other, but waiting. Sid obliged and we set up in positions, looking out for an ambush, or her backup, I accessed a few public cameras and a couple not so public ones in order to get a decent look around the area.

She introduced herself as Felicity and that her ‘Benefactor’ had his eye on Sid for some time. She talked about how he was actually upholding what the Order was supposed to be doing, opposed to what most of the Order was doing; which was apparently abusing their power and exploiting the Feywild. She spoke about most templars actually not knowing what the accords are, in detail at least.

The accords are a pact, a bargain, the Fey are restricted heavily and most templars don’t know the human obligations. She would tell us more if we helped her find a warlock, capture alive and question. Then she would view us as friends.

It was then a shot was fired from above Westminster tube station.

>insert bridge r0ad.jpg

The bullet struck Felicity, shattering the illusion and revealing the human woman to be a female gnome. The round was obviously a large calibre as her arm was severed at the point of impact near the shoulder. From where I was sat I could see where the shot had come from so I rushed forward and grabbed Crichton and teleported us to the roof, as close to the shot as possible, using the logic that a large calibre rifle is unwieldy in close combat. We could see the would-be assassin, an average looking man in an average looking suit. He was bald, lean, about thirty and white. As he was collecting the bullet casing, Crichton proceeded to attack him, hoping to catch him off guard.

James and Declan teleported up next to us and the shooter pulled a sidearm and fired at Crichton (who caught a bullet) as the shooter got to his feet, leaping off the side of the roof. Declan looked over, as did I, I spotted a bent awning pole suggesting the shooter had managed to catch and drag himself inside. I jumped off the roof and used my winged boots to guide my fall in order to give chase, Crichton was not far behind me, using his acrobatic nature. I left out the open door and came face to face with the shooter once more.

He fit in, in his suit, however we did not. He began to scream “Shooters! Shooters from the roof!” as he fled downstairs into a crowd. I chased him into the crowd, using the confusion to disguise myself as another nondescript suited worker. Crichton pushed through the crowd, caught up with the shooter and kept trying to attack him as they ran through the building.

As we got to the street level, four armed police were getting out of vehicles, heading to the building. The shooter was able to run past them, as was I, but the police trained their weapons on Crichton, who in his gear looked out of place. When I got outside I couldn’t see the shooter, so I went back in to see if I could help Crichton. The officers were telling him to put his hands up and surrender. As he looked at me I nodded and prepared to cast a spell if he ran.

Crichton made a run for it, catching another bullet as the officers opened fire, and that’s when all their electrical gear started going Haywire. Unfortunately that including one officer’s radio exploding, electrocuting him and dropping him to the floor.

I recieved a message from James telling me he had a boat ready on the Thames. but my spell had Caused the officers to turn and aim their weapons at me. I whispered back to James that I may have just killed an officer with his radio. Although they couldn’t hear my message they still opened fire. I was hit, but managed to misty step through the window, and run for the Thames.

On the boat Declan administered some magical first aid to my wounds. Once everyone made it back to the boat we set off. Crichton had retreated upstairs and retrieved the rifle on his way out. As we went under the bridge James cast invisibility on the boat, Crichton cast silence on the boat and Declan cast control water to hide the wake.

I looked into hacking the building CCTV but it was a closed system, checking the news I saw that it was being reported as an act of terror and that the officer had died from his injuries. Once we were reasonably far down the river we docked and James summoned a Coach.

On the coach we were able to talk to Felicity, whom Sid had managed to evacuate. She had regained her illusory human appearance through a ring she had been wearing that happened to have been on the hand she’d lost.

Declan informed us his American Order had been wiped out by an assassin and it could be the same person. We went through the Assassin’s possessions and located bullets similar to the ones Crichton is issued by the Order (unmarked/untraceable). Declan found a hidden phone that was secreted away in the case he and James managed to take with them. Sid recognised it as an Order issued Templar phone. I was able to get into it but it was self-erasing and purposefully blank. The only thing on the phone was a message confirming that Felicity was the target. We realised that to another Templar that we would look like we were meeting with a Fey who had no license to be in the Real World. Order missions often had very little context. I was able to take the phone apart carefully and disconnect the powersource, disabling any tracking.

Felicity confirmed she was Feelum Flowerfoot and she had “forbidden knowledge” and now a human has tried to kill her she is no longer bound by the accords. She stated the Order’s original purpose was a failure and that the Order has forgotten it’s own purpose. Feelum told us about the ancient demon war, between Fey and Mankind, where both sides were about equal in a horrible war of attrition when humans decided to turn the tides by opening a hell portal which the Fey sacrificed a lot to close.

The accords were a peace treaty, a pact that the Fey were unable to gain the upper hand in because Humans were so willing to self sacrifice when it came to war. Now the Order abuses the powers to suppress Fey and the Order kills anyone like her who tries to investigate.

She revealed she didn’t know the name of the Warlock she wanted help to capure, she just had his location and knowledge of some possible information he might have. James made a Pact with her in order to confirm his allegiance for her to reveal her mysterious benefactor. At this point I knew what she was going to say: Tobias Rieper.

Tobias has suspicions around Rupert Emsworth, as Tobias suspended the supernatural programs and destroyed the facilities but believes Rupert has been reactivating them in secret.


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Casefile 4.01: f3y_g0n3_w!ld.txt
[M]an d0wn.

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Sid has been researching Excaliber which has led t0 rep0rts ar0und the thefts 0f weap0ns fr0m Museums. James and Cricht0n managed t0 tap their c0ntacts and find where t0 purchase an enhanced civilian dr0ne that had been m0dified t0 h0ld and fire a submachine gun, s0me burner ph0nes and 100kg 0f m0delling clay which I was able t0 enchant int0 C4 al0ngside s0me h0useh0ld cleaning supplies.

We had the idea 0f travelling t0 the Feywild t0 ask a few questi0ns regarding missing pers0ns, as Axi0m was 0bvi0usly getting their test subjects fr0m s0mewhere. It wasn’t exactly an 0verwhelming c0nsensus but maj0rity ruled it wasn’t the w0rst plan. We t00k public transp0rt t0 Elephant & Castle and used the private 0rder cr0ssing behind the theatre t0 travel thr0ugh t0 the Feywild. 0nce we arrived we were greeted by members 0f the 0rder and Sid asked t0 speak t0 Grand Master Sebastian.

After their meeting Sid inf0rmed us that Sebastian was adamant that Valucian was dead, died th0usands 0f years ag0 and was n0t t0 be discussed. S0 we headed t0 Newt’s bar t0 ask ar0und ab0ut missing pers0ns. Newt didn’t want t0 c0-0perate at first but Sid asked Cricht0n and James t0 watch the d00rs and 0ffered Newt an incentive; six jars 0f nectar fr0m El Pennic‘s stash. Newt accepted them begrudgingly and t0ld us ab0ut the gn0me Feelum Fl0werf00t wh0se husband went missing, which she rep0rted t0 the c0uncill0r but it went n0where. Pe0ple assumed as he went missing in the real w0rld he’d just decided t0 stay there and integrate. Feelum used t0 drift ar0und t0wn but hasn’t been seen in s0me time.

We decided t0 ask ar0und in the Gn0mish areas in t0wn. At first we experienced a large am0unt 0f h0stility but 0nce they realised we were trying t0 help they t0lerated 0ur questi0ns a little m0re. The general feeling was that the 0rder ign0red their pr0blems and treated them like sec0nd class citizens. Feelum was c0nvinced her partner was abducted and she cr0ssed int0 the human w0rld with0ut a license. She t0ld pe0ple her missing husband t00k a j0b fr0m the c0uncill0r, Eladrin, which he was d0ing when he went missing in the human w0rld, but there was n0 rec0rd 0f it.

We returned t0 Newt’s bar t0 gather 0ur th0ughts as we c0uldn’t just c0nfr0nt an 0fficial 0f the t0wn with0ut anything t0 leverage 0r back us up. Sid went d0wn t0 a private area 0f the basement with Newt when Newt realised that the inf0rmati0n Sid wanted was likely t0 get him killed 0r w0rse.

Sh0rtly after they m0ved d0wnstairs three ethereal l00king elves entered the r00m. They held themselves in a way that didn’t feel natural, even m0re graceful and fl0aty than any 0ther elves I’d seen, and they were hard t0 l00k at, as if their arm0ur and cl0aks were wrapped in shad0w similar t0 the gh0st that inhabited the Redcap in the garage. The third elf immediately turned ar0und and left the tavern and the first elf m0ved t0wards the stairs and the basement.

It was then Darren m0ved t0 intercept the Elf, shifting his b0dy weight int0 an attack t0 thr0w the Elf 0ff balance. Cricht0n was quick t0 f0ll0w, m0ving t0 attack the sec0nd Elf. I l00ked at the d00r and th0ught t0 secure 0ur exit, grabbing a 2lb stick 0f C4 fr0m my bag and pushing 0pen the d00r I was c0nfr0nted by the third Elf which stabbed 0ut at me with it’s blade. I dr0pped the C4 in the d00rway, wedging it 0pen and m0ving back int0 the r00m. The Elf didn’t f0ll0w, attacking inn0cent fey as they attempted t0 leave.

>insert etherealelf.jpg

In the tavern the Elven warri0rs were able t0 cut Cricht0n and Darren d0wn alm0st immediately, their sw0rds cutting thr0ugh the air like lighting, each 0f their attacks seemed t0 be 0ne fluid m0ti0n that struck multiple times. F0rd was able t0 inv0ke the l0rd and healed Cricht0n and Darren back int0 c0nsci0usness. Cricht0n managed t0 fight himself free and get d0wnstairs, Darren h0wever kept fighting despite being bl00dy and br0ken. I managed t0 get behind the bar, ducking d0wn by the Dryad bartender, keeping my eye 0n the d00r. The Elf that had been fighting Cricht0n turned and faced s0me dwarves wh0 put up a s0lid fight but they were quickly 0verwhelmed by the creature.

Newt came back upstairs and yelled f0r us t0 “Run Away!”, bef0re disappearing t0 the l0wer levels. Darren went d0wn again as the Elf dealt him several bl0ws in quick successi0n. F0rd managed t0 heal him 0nce m0re bef0re heading d0wnstairs t0 the basement. Darren g0t up again, full fury 0f G0d in his axe, as he sm0te the Elf, dr0pping 0ne 0f the three attackers. Darren grabbed the b0dy and threw it 0ver the bar, leaping 0ver it himself.

A wave passed thr0ugh the air ar0und us, s0mething unnatural assaulting 0ur minds, the dryad began screaming and clutched her head. The Elf’s b0dy Darren had grabbed began twitching, s0 he beheaded the c0rpse but it didn’t st0p. The area ar0und the bar became dark and shad0wy and the headless c0rpse r0se t0 it’s feet, shrugging 0ff Darren as if he were grains 0f sand bef0re it raised it’s blade and hacked him t0 pieces in an instant. At that m0ment a Giant Ape burst f0rth fr0m the basement staircase, but it was m0ving sl0wer than I th0ught it sh0uld be, alth0ugh I als0 th0ught that there sh0uldn’t be a Giant Ape in the basement.

Despite the Elven display 0f speed, it felt t0 me like time was sl0w, and my b0dy was m0ving like it was envel0ped in treacle as the shad0w enc0mpassed the terrain. I was alm0st certain I didn’t want t0 be in this situati0n with the headless Elf in the nightmare terrain, and pretty sure that the nightmare terrain w0uldn’t bl0ck telep0rtati0n s0 I cast Dimensi0n D00r whilst picturing a t0wn square ab0ut three hundred feet away. 0nce I arrived I clicked the rem0te det0nat0r 0n the tw0 p0unds 0f C4 in the d00rway and heard a satisfying expl0si0n in the distance as the det0nat0r w0rked, despite the unstable nature 0f electr0nics in the Feywild.

I disguised myself as a Firb0lg and headed back t0ward the tavern, casting message in an attempt t0 get in range 0f Sid and make c0ntact. Pe0ple were gathering ar0und the expl0ded entrance 0f Newt’s tavern. Making c0mments al0ng the lines 0f “Lucky there was n0 0ne inside, s0me0ne c0uld have been hurt.” and l00king inside I c0uld see, n0 0ne was inside, n0 b0dies, n0 signs 0ther than my expl0si0n remained.

I rec0gnised the gr0up and intr0duced myself as I was disguised and inf0rmed them 0f Darren’s death at the hands 0f the Elven c0rpse. We smuggled Newt 0ut 0f the Feywild thr0ugh the regular cr0ssing as it was less m0nit0red than the Templar’s 0wn and Sid was generally trusted; With Newt being invisible. This Fey p0rtal led 0ut t0 the estate we were previ0usly ambushed at.

James summ0ned a vehicle and we climbed in and transp0rted Newt back t0 the church. We intr0duced Newt t0 Nick wh0 was still c0ming t0 terms with the idea 0f n0n-evil fey and Newt was a l0t t0 take in. We 0ffered Newt shelter wh0 explained as Sid inv0ked Valucian‘s name he was effectively n0tified as he is a f0rce 0f nature in the Feywild. His f0rces are p0werful and he existed bef0re the Acc0rds as 0ne 0f the three Primes, the 0ther tw0 being the Winter and Summer c0urts. As he vanished, 0r s0me say “Fell”, bef0re the acc0rds were created he never actually signed them and is n0t b0und by them. He is kn0wn as ’V’, ‘The V0ice’ and ‘The Master 0f Death’. He is less p0werful in 0ur w0rld, but it’s p0ssible he c0uld be summ0ned f0rth.

We did s0me the0rising that as the Fey specialise in making bargains and pacts with twisted terms that fav0ur themselves Valucian w0uld n0t be a fan 0f the Acc0rds, which are essentially a pact that d0es n0t fav0ur the fey at all, in fact it’s very unfav0urable t0 the fey.

Newt als0 advised us that c0uncill0r Eladrin has likely been b0ught by the Master Builders wh0 are effectively s0me s0rt 0f Fey mafia that seem t0 have influence in they Fey c0urts. Eladrin likely makes c0mplaints the Master Builders d0n’t like g0 away, such as the Gn0mish 0nes.

Sid recieved a call 0n his 0rder ph0ne fr0m a female v0ice that asked if we’d been l00king f0r her, and arranged t0 meet us in S0uthbank in tw0 days. We assumed it t0 be Feelum but will be alert.



Casefile 3.02: d00m.txt
We ran 0ut 0f space f0r "D000000000000M!!!!!"

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C:\Users\Zer0-Virtualb0x>CIPHER /p /d /s:c:\temp\cf302.txt

We investigated the st0rage facility, checking it 0ver f0r expl0sives, trip wires and any s0rt 0f w0rking electr0nics. I detected magic in the r00m, and the hermetically sealed cages 0n either side 0f the r00m with starved fey c0rpses seemed magically warded, sealed and with s0me s0rt 0f pr0tective and rest0rative p0wers. The ritual circle in the centre 0f the r00m where Granny Agatha Twigm0uth had died was a similar spell. Declan br0ke the circle and cast Gentle Rep0se 0n the Hag’s c0rpse.

In the r00m was a large Vault d00r, which was fused shut, and the keypad had been 0verl0aded and damaged. The d00r appeared slightly buckled als0. We determined that we needed t0 call F0rd and Sid but had n0 signal in this basement c0mplex. We br0ught the tied up pris0ner int0 the elevat0r with us and went upstairs. Cricht0n called the absent tw0 and asked them t0 bring breaching gear. The pris0ner had regained c0nsci0usness whilst we t00k a sh0rt rest. Declan asked him a few questi0ns but realised that he had n0 t0ngue, a fact he’d learned when he checked the pris0ner’s m0uth f0r cyanide pills. As Cricht0n g0t back he n0ticed the pris0ner was c0nsci0us and decided t0 kn0ck him 0ut again, the pris0ner raised his hands t0 defend himself (having slipped the r0pes James had tied earlier) but was swiftly kn0cked back int0 unc0nsci0usness. We returned t0 the basement and tied him t0 a chair leaving a hand free s0 he c0uld write when he w0ke up, but n0t really reach anything.

Sid and F0rd arrived, causing us s0me c0ncern as the elevat0r descended, but s0meh0w the Templar had l0cated the hidden d00r easily en0ugh and we’d given him the elevat0r c0des 0n the ph0ne. 0nce we realised wh0 was in the elevat0r we br0ught them up t0 speed 0n the situati0n and sh0wed them the d00r. I used blink t0 shift t0 the Ethereal plane, stepped thr0ugh the d00r and l00ked ar0und the r00m. The lab had 0bvi0usly suffered a huge expl0si0n, with critical damage t0 everything in the r00m. There were human shaped shad0ws 0n the walls where pe0ple had been standing at the time. The r00m stank 0f burnt meat and 0z0ne (which we’ve been smelling a l0t whilst traversing L0nd0n and interferes with signal/electr0nics) and the blast crater was perfectly sm00th and spherical.

>insert sm00thcrater.png

I phased back int0 the st0rage facility and advised the 0thers 0f what I had learned. F0rd set ab0ut drilling a h0le in the d00r n0w we were aware 0f what was 0n the 0ther side. Declan decided that n0w was the time t0 questi0n the c0rpse 0f Granny Twigm0uth and cast his spell. Granny’s spirit inf0rmed us that she’d been br0ught here by the tri0 t0 investigate the expl0si0n but she didn’t kn0w what had happened 0ther than the site was h0st t0 s0me p0werful “black magic”.

We w0ke up the pris0ner and handed him a pen and disc0vered his name was Nik0lai “Nick” St0ne. We asked him ab0ut the Panther tatt00 and why he was here. He t0ld us the Panthers were his 0ld 0utfit and that he’d cut his t0ngue 0ff in a ritualistic manner as an initiati0n. The Panthers were hired by Axi0m as private security. They f0und Granny due t0 the news st0ry, tracked her and br0ught her here t0 investigate the incident alth0ugh he had n0 idea what lie 0n the 0ther side 0f the d00r. When asked 0f the enchantments 0n the recepti0nist and invisibility t0 cameras he tried t0 write a name but c0uldn’t. He c0uld h0wever c0nfirm he was trying t0 write Valucian. He rec0gnised the name El Pennic when we asked and t0ld us that he betrayed Axi0m and left. Nick was assigned by the V0ice, wh0 he believes was either Rupert Emsw0rth 0r s0mething that w0rks f0r him, t0 investigate this facility. Axi0m halted it’s magical and fey research, Rupert wanted t0 c0ntinue. Nick knew several scientists were apparently 0nt0 s0mething big, but he didn’t kn0w what alth0ugh he heard murmurings 0f a p0rtal. It was apparently news t0 Nick that n0t all fey creatures were evil nightmarish beings.

We talked t0 Nick regarding the future and 0ur 0pti0ns, he t0ld us seems t0 believe himself a free agent, inbetween j0bs currently and we said that we c0uld hire him if he’s interested in finding 0ut the truth but it’s n0t the s0rt 0f w0rld y0u get int0 lightly. Cricht0n was able t0 telep0rt th0ugh the h0le 0nce it was drilled and investigated the lab further, finding claw marks ar0und a d00rway that was bl0cked 0ff due t0 rubble. F0rd set ab0ut cutting a h0le we c0uld all walk thr0ugh 0ut 0f the thick steel d00rs.

>insert sketch.bmp

Nick was digesting the inf0rmati0n Sid was pr0viding ab0ut the 0rder, apparently being unaware 0f 0ur existence until n0w (which is understandable c0nsidering that is the p0int). He believes that Rupert wants t0 restart these facilities and that there’s s0me s0rt 0f p0wer struggle within the Axi0m executives. I sh0wed him 0ur list 0f Axi0m facilities and he marked f0ur that had secret facilities such as this 0ne, tw0 in L0nd0n, 0ne in Manchester and 0ne in Edinburgh. We left the facility and retired t0 the B&B Declan had b00ked, t0 return again in the m0rning.

In the m0rning F0rd finished 0ff the cutting w0rk whilst Nick barricaded the entrance t0 create a “killb0x” ar0und the entrance. He asked if we had tripwire and grenades t0 set a trap and I inf0rmed him I had cast an alarm spell 0n the elevat0r and created a glyph 0f expl0sive runes that was wired t0 any0ne but us just as y0u step 0ut the elevat0r. 0nce F0rd was d0ne with the d00r we all entered the lab. I investigated the crater whilst they cleared the debris t0 the c0rrid0r and revealed a d00r with claw marks in the st0ne ar0und it, surprisingly the d00r 0pened pretty easily. The crater was humming with c0njurati0n magic, which w0uld be c0nsistent with summ0ning 0r p0ssibly s0me kind 0f weap0n. Everything in the small labs adjacent had been destr0yed as the expl0si0n had shattered the glass dividing the labs.

We j0urneyed d0wn the c0rrid0r the walls were c0ated in bl00d spray and the fl00rs littered with pieces 0f what used t0 be scientists 0r security pers0nnel based 0n their cl0thing. This area appeared t0 be living quarters with staff r00ms, beds and 0ffice spaces. I t00k s0me ID badges fr0m them, alth0ugh they had empl0yee numbers instead 0f names and vague, generic j0b titles like “Researcher”, “High Intensity Research” and “Security”.

In 0ne r00m we f0und tw0 security pers0nnel in tactical gear with semi aut0matic weap0ns, dead al0ngside a scientist wh0se ID badge read “Rupert Emsw0rth” and actually had a magnetic swipe 0n it, which the rest did n0t. This caused us t0 speculate, as the c0rpse may n0t have been Rupert but if it was we knew he wasn’t dead 0r s0mething had taken his place. Declan reanimated 0ne 0f the guards as a Z0mbie.

F0rd disc0vered a hidden d00r, flush with the walls, with a swipe card panel. I t00k the battery fr0m his wireless drill and jerry-rigged it t0 the panel, swiping the access card. It beeped and the d00r unl0cked but didn’t have en0ugh p0wer t0 fully 0pen, but there was en0ugh gap t0 cr0wbar it 0pen. As they f0rced the d00r 0pen it revealed an 0ffice, an 0ffice we assumed bel0nged t0 Rupert Emsw0rth and seemed unt0uched by the cha0s 0utside. There were research n0tes that seem t0 have been written by the man himself, and the abridged versi0n equates t0;

  • The facility was built f0ur years ag0 under c0ver 0f the Pitt building fire incident.
  • Axi0m enc0untered Fey 0ccassi0nally due t0 their gl0bal presence and began t0 research them.
  • They were unable t0 establish c0ntact 0r trade, s0 they t00k t0 capturing and experimenting.
  • They investigated the limits 0f magic and fey physi0l0gy.
  • They became aware 0f Fey deities such as the Ice Queen 0r Huntmaster and there was s0me interest in Warl0ck pacts
  • A f0lder named V which regarded Valucian, a l0t 0f inf0rmati0n was st0len and they were betrayed.
  • They st0pped researching Warl0cks when they disc0vered “P0wer lines” which they realised were Ley Lines.
  • Whilst they were researching Ley Lines and a meth0d t0 tap int0 them they accidentally stumbled up0n the idea 0f P0rtals.

>insert d00m.jpg

We pieced t0gether that El Pennic was a lead researcher, st0le the files regarding warl0cks and fled Axi0m, which was the big betrayal.

Declan wanted t0 speak t0 0ne 0f the caged Fey thr0ugh his speak with dead ritual but the seals were str0ng and he knew 0nce they were br0ken the c0rpses w0uld disintegrate quickly. We dispelled the wards 0n the Fey cages which was the last evidence 0f the Feywild ab0ut the facility. We als0 had a quick debate ab0ut leaving the Z0mbie d0wn here as an h0mage t0 Resident Evil, but decided against it, killing it. Declan cast l0cate 0bject l00king f0r the b0dy 0f Rupert Emsw0rth but received n0 result, leading us t0 believe the b0dy 0f the scientist clutching his ID wasn’t his.

We spent the next few days destr0ying the elevat0r cables, welding the 0utside elevat0r d00r shut, hiring a cement truck, hacking int0 Cambridge university’s facilities email and sending 0ut a n0tice ab0ut car park and Pitt building f0undati0n repairs, then using it as c0ver t0 cement the upstairs r00m ar0und the elevat0r cl0sed. Every0ne assumes the guys in the hi-vis jackets with a cement truck must have a w0rk 0rder.



Casefile 3.01: ax!0m_0f_3v!l.txt

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C:\Users\Zer0-Virtualb0x>CIPHER /p /d /s:c:\temp\cf301.txt

Military c0ntacts turned up n0thing regarding 0ur mystery men, I tried t0 c0ntact Granny Agatha Twigm0uth via Infallible Relay in 0rder t0 learn s0mething but received n0 dial t0ne, s0 it was bl0cked, she was 0n an0ther plane 0r dead. I l0gged int0 El Pennic‘s faceb00k but there wasn’t much inf0rmati0n 0n there, it was 0nly a year and a half 0ld s0 likely part 0f a false identity. We went back t0 the pictures and tried t0 discern m0re detail, finding a l0g0 which l00ked t0 be a black and white wheel; h0wever we did rec0gnise the desk fr0m El Pennic’s apartment in the mystery 0ffice.

Cricht0n t00k us t0 an antique dealer, wh0 inf0rmed us ab0ut the desk, which was actually 0ne 0f a pair, the M0rdenkainen Desks which were relics 0f the sacking 0f Alexandria and went missing f0r many years, reappearing in the 1800’s (same time Merlin went missing) and g0ing fr0m museum t0 private c0llect0r and were recently s0ld at aucti0n. Individually each desk is w0rth a few milli0n p0unds, but t0gether they c0uld be w0rth as much as a hundred milli0n p0unds. A desk was recently s0ld at aucti0n t0 an an0nym0us buyer, h0wever there was a news article linking the sale t0 Axi0m. I knew m0re than m0st ab0ut Axi0m…

>insert axi0m0f3vil.jpg

Axi0m is a huge umbrella c0rp0rati0n pr0viding many legitimate services gl0bally. 0riginally f0unded by T0bias Rieper, he is n0 l0nger 0fficially a part 0f the 0rganisati0n h0wever I kn0w he is still in charge. I have hacked Axi0m in the past and disc0vered evidence that p0ints t0 paramilitary dealings, internati0nal weap0ns and drug smuggling, bl00d diam0nds, def0restati0n and pretty much anything pr0fitable despite varying levels 0r m0rality 0r illegality. In the UK they are based in Leatherhead, Ermin H0use, Ermin way in a large c0mp0und with high levels 0f security. It was an Exx0n pr0perty which deal in 0il and fuel which Axi0m purchased and merged int0 it’s structure.

We dr0ve t0 Leatherhead ar0und midday and pulled int0 the nearby residential areas. I cast a spell t0 make myself and Declan invisible and James did the same t0 himself and Cricht0n. We snuck past the guards and I lifted a security pass. We m0ved t0 the back 0f the building where there was a d00r t0 the cafeteria and a sm0king area. I swiped Cricht0n in but the card w0uldn’t let me swipe a sec0nd time, Cricht0n, using his invisibility c0mbined with his stealth nature st0le s0me passes that had been left 0n tables whilst pe0ple ate lunch and pr0ceeded t0 swipe us in.

We m0ved t0 the t0p fl00r and I f0und a c0mputer terminal that was unattended and unl0cked (there’s always s0me 0ne that thinks the inf0rmati0n security training was p0intless). Br0wsing the deskt0p I c0uld tell this fl00r was m0stly f0r T0p0l0gy and Ge0l0gy rep0rts, c0nsistent with Surveying f0r 0il and the terminal didn’t have any access t0 anything else.

0n the sec0nd fl00r we had a similar experience alth0ugh it seemed like the fl00r was a mix 0f I.T. pr0ject teams and Mete0r0l0gists. We made 0ur way t0 the basement, which had a Janit0r’s 0ffice, a sign p0inting t0 the l0ading bay and three l0cked d00rs which were labelled indistinctly. I attempted t0 use the security pass t0 access the first r00m but it was denied. S0 I tried t0 hack the card switch, but ended up breaking it whilst trying t0 rewire. I repeated my failure 0n the sec0nd d00r but 0n the third d00r I was able t0 gain access. Inside the third r00m was a server farm. I l0gged int0 the terminal and it was clear these servers were all f0r in h0use 0perati0ns. I accessed the CE0’s emails, the CE0 0f Axi0m-Exx0n being R0ger Br0wn, s0 I quickly d0wnl0aded his pers0nal file and w0rk passw0rd. There was 0ne email that stuck 0ut as it was fr0m the public face 0f Axi0m, the CE0 Rupert Emsw0rth.

Fr0m: Rupert Emsw0rth
I w0uld take it as a great pers0nal service if y0u c0uld finance this vehicle 0n y0ur 0ffice’s acc0unts

Which then had an attachment detailing a white minivan. S0 I accessed the acc0unts team inf0rmati0n and gained the numberplate and details 0f the van such as where it was purchased. I als0 0btained a list 0f branches 0f Axi0m and satellite 0ffices in the UK.

Als0 0n the servers there was access t0 a rem0te server farm labelled main, which I assumed w0uld be the head 0ffices but quickly realised that my presence had been detected as security measures were starting t0 appear. I inf0rmed the team that we sh0uld leave urgently 0nly t0 disc0ver the d00r was sealed and we’d been trapped in.

Cricht0n and Declan were quickly able t0 beat their way thr0ugh, and myself and James re-cast the invisibility and exit via the l0ading bay where 0ur security guard’s pass did functi0n.

G0ing thr0ugh the l0cal branches and satellite 0ffices, the team believed it was m0st likely that Granny w0uld have been taken t0 the Cambridge based Axi0m Hist0rical S0ciety, 0r the Petersb0r0ugh Car Dealership 0wned by Axi0m. We 0pted f0r Cambridge, and Declan seemed excited t0 br0wse TripAdvis0r f0r a l0cal B&B, settling 0n “Sayle h0use”.

We dr0ve t0 Cambridge and checked in, then went t0 the Pitt Building, 0n the 0utskirts 0f the university. Inside the building it was clearly a library, and the librarian explained t0 us that the premises was damaged fifteen years ag0 by fire, where Axi0m rebuilt and refurbished the l0cati0n. Replacing many 0f the b00ks t00. James t0ld the librarian he was interested in secret passages and w0ndered if the library had any, as 0ld buildings like this 0ften d0. She l00ked at him like a madman but let us br0wse, I c0uldn’t find anything 0f n0te, but James said the building seemed 0ff and went 0utside, returning t0 tell us he’d f0und a secret entrance.

>insert Pitt.jpg

We c0uldn’t see any secret entrance until James p0inted it 0ut, a d00r, a pretty 0bvi0us d00r, keypad and camera which just weren’t there until James p0inted them 0ut. They were 0bvi0usly behind illusi0ns. Declan n0ticed the white minivan parked in a nearby carpark. We recast 0ur invisibility t0 av0id the camera and I brute f0rced the keypad, 0pening the d00r which turned 0ut t0 be ridicul0usly thick blast-grade steel and we gained entry t0 a small r00m c0ntaining 0nly an elevat0r, again, brute f0rcing the keypad we began t0 descend which seemed t0 take f0rever, 0r at least a minute and a half.

When the d00rs 0pened tw0 things happened. We realised pretty immediately this was the mystery 0ffice fr0m the ph0t0graphs, and a tear-gas grenade r0lled 0min0usly t0ward us. I sprinted 0ut the elevat0r, kicking the grenade back t0 whence it came t0ward s0me d0uble d00rs 0n the 0pp0site side 0f the r00m, and slid under a desk, n0ting that these were steel and hardy. Cricht0n went 0ne step further, f0ll0wing the grenade and ensuring it went thr0ugh the d0uble d00rs. Fr0m th0se d00rs three figures emerged, wh0 were wearing tactical gear and carrying aut0matic weap0ns, they unl0aded 0n the elevat0r, which appeared empty but c0ntained Declan and James.

>insert black0ps.png

The battle was hard f0ught, Declan summ0ned his spiritual guardians, sh0ts were fired and I cast haywire 0n the gr0up, sending their electr0nics int0 meltd0wn, their electr0nic helmets and radi0s, s0me 0f which gave their users s0me severe electric sh0cks. Tw0 0f them made it t0 the elevat0r and when they realised their c0mrade w0uldn’t they r0lled a grenade 0ut in his directi0n. The grenade g0ing 0ff is the last thing I remember as I blacked 0ut fr0m the f0rce 0f the expl0si0n in the c0nfined space, but Declan’s magic br0ught me back pretty quickly.

In the r00m they emerged fr0m we f0und Granny, dead and dissected inside a ritual circle, pr0bably t0rtured and experimented 0n. There were als0 cages containing the emaciated remains 0f fey creatures. This facility hadn’t been in use f0r s0me time… but seems t0 have definitely been used f0r s0mething like this bef0re.


~010010010110011000100000 011110010110111101110101001001110111001001100101

Casefile 2.02: gr33n_cr055_c0d3.txt
King 0f the r0ad

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
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C:\Users\Zer0-Virtualb0x>CIPHER /p /d /s:c:\temp\cf202.txt

We investigated the hidden facility underneath Trinity Church and researched the missing Hag, Granny Agatha Twigm0uth. We g00gled her name, C0vens and Hags in Hackney but m0st 0f the results were ab0ut rand0m c0vens which weren’t quite “when shall we three meet again” and Salem Witch Hunt-esque news. H0wever when we added Chingf0rd G0lf C0urse we saw s0me articles 0n a l0cal g0lf t0urnament that was interrupted.

We set 0ut in the m0rning, with F0rd and Declan having been 0ut sh0pping f0r full Stere0typical g0lfer gear, clubs, khaki, plaid, hats and in baby cray0la c0l0urs t00. We dr0ve t0 Chingf0rd, and the radi0 was weird, full 0f static and the signal dr0pped a few times. I c0uld detect magic and there was s0mething in the air and the smell 0f 0z0ne; this seems t0 keep happening whenever we travel ar0und L0nd0n.

>insert g0lfwanker.jpg

When we arrived at the c0urse it appeared m0stly n0rmal, n0t t00 p0sh either s0 F0rd and Declan w0uldn’t exactly blend, but they just l00ked like 0verenthusiastic Americans, which is what they were. James pretended t0 be a j0urnalist c0vering the disturbance that had interfered with the g0lf t0urnament. 0ne 0f the 0lder female empl0yees, D0reen Grey, he interviewed was c0nvinced it was just a mass hallucinati0n, because they were all talking 0f “Men in arm0ur”. She did als0 menti0n that aftern00n there was a car accident and an 0ld w0man was taken t0 h0spital. We w0rked 0ut the nearest H0spital with an A&E w0uld be H0mert0n h0spital.

The G0lfers in the t0urnament were business pe0ple, the 0rganiser was R0bert s0mething and he was the CE0 0f a builder’s supply business. F0rd and Declan had taken t0 the green t0 chat with the g0lfers, they f0und R0bert and intended t0 questi0n him. R0bert seemed t0 rec0gnise Declan as he was very sh0cked, s0 sh0cked that he c0llapsed. Declan began t0 administer first aid whilst F0rd pretended t0 call an ambulance. Instead F0rd called James, myself and James used disguise self t0 appear as paramedics and James changed the car t0 appear as an ambulance.

We dr0ve 0nt0 the c0urse and began t0 tend t0 the patient, James needed a distracti0n t0 summ0n a real ambulance as 0ur car-disguised-as-an-ambulance didn’t have any equipment like a stretcher. F0rd decided t0 fake a heart attack, yelling;

“0h, my heart!”

As he threw himself at the fl00r, wiggling ar0und. It’s safe t0 say n0 0ne believed him, but they were l00king at him, which gave James a small wind0w 0f 0pp0rtunity t0 switch 0ur fake ambulance f0r a real 0ne. We g0t R0bert 0nt0 the stretcher and int0 the ambulance, where Declan administered s0me real healing magic. We left F0rd with a cr0wd 0f pe0ple stunned by his incredible acting perf0rmance. I learned later he called an Uber t0 get t0 the h0spital.

Declan gave us s0me advice ab0ut handing 0ver a patient and getting int0 the h0psital. 0nce Declan had healed R0bert he went t0 the fr0nt 0f the ambulance as n0t t0 trigger a sec0nd epis0de. I questi0ned R0bert in my disguise, telling him we were taking him t0 the h0spital and t0 talk ab0ut the incident(s). When he was 0n the c0urse last week he saw a “wind0w” and there was a naked man in a swamp, s0me guys in m0dern cl0thes t00, and arm0ur and his friend Richard says s0me0ne bumped int0 him but there was n0 0ne ar0und f0r him t0 bump int0. I t0ld Richard t0 try and get s0me rest.

0nce we g0t t0 the h0spital we put Declan’s advice t0 w0rk and handed 0ver R0bert t0 the A&E team, as we did s0 I lifted a nurse’s ID card and we f0und an A&E w0rk terminal and l0gged in. We searched patient rec0rds f0r a Jane D0e 0r 0lder female victim 0f a car accident but n0 such patients existed apparently. I searched the system f0r issues, such as p0wer cuts 0r signs 0f magic interference. There was a maj0r system-wide 0utage and p0wer failure and they suspect inf0rmati0n was l0st 0r deleted.

>insert NHSID.png

Cricht0n sp0ke t0 the fr0nt desk at the h0spital l00king f0r his “grandm0ther” that was in a car accident. The w0man remembered her and said she’d been discharged yesterday and she went with s0me nuns, Ladies 0f the Sacred Heart. A religi0us gr0up based in the Church next d00r; The Immaculate Heart 0f Mary and St D0minic’s. Cricht0n remembered that they were kn0wn t0 the 0rder but n0t sure why they’re inv0lved.

Cricht0n dressed up in his priestly garb and entered the church. Father Jack 0f the Immaculate Heart 0f Mary and St D0minic’s claimed the nuns were n0t there yesterday, and 0nly came a few days a week. He d0esn’t kn0w where they currently are, but the M0ther Nun is M0ther Margaret Fr0st.

We returned t0 the h0spital with suspici0n directed t0ward the fr0nt desk nurse, a casting 0f detect magic sh0wed the faint signs 0f enchantment, s0 she may have been deceived. I asked her where the security r00m was and she t0ld me, 0bvi0usly still a little weary fr0m the enchantment magic. I used the ID I had st0len earlier t0 get thr0ugh the staff d00rs and kn0cked 0n the security d00r. When it 0pened I entered and began setting up, mumbling ab0ut hardware checks and data l0ss. The security guards assumed I was tech supp0rt, the in-h0use technician h0wever asked me if I was an independent c0ntract0r, which I c0nfirmed.

I cast arcane hacking at the height 0f my ability, and created a new admin acc0unt with rem0te access privileges, accessed the CCTV, c0pied the CCTV files t0 s0me cl0ud st0rage and wasted a little time s0 it didn’t l00k t00 suspici0us t0 the security team 0r the I.T. tech. Then met up with the party in the car park and went thr0ugh the h0spital’s system rem0tely. 0ne thing I did n0tice is n0w I had used my arcane hacking t0 break any magical wards 0r encrypti0n it seems that the missing data was available, including Granny’s medical rec0rds, sh0wing that she was n0t discharged, but interestingly had been unc0nsci0us f0r much l0nger than a vehicular accident victim w0uld be and they were unsure why.

We went thr0ugh the h0psital’s CCTV and f0und Granny being taken in a wheelchair by tw0 guys wh0 James suspected had a military backgr0und despite being dressed as nurses.

We t00k a trip t0 Hackney c0uncil 0ffices as we didn’t have the 0utside CCTV. F0rd bumped int0 an empl0yee as a distracti0n whilst I lifted their staff ID. I f0und a staff h0tdesking p0int and plugged int0 their netw0rk. I c0pied their CCTV f0r the b0r0ugh, created a rem0te l0gin and as I was getting ready t0 leave I printed the Chief Executive’s br0wser hist0ry t0 every netw0rked c0uncil printer. In the l0bby I made a sh0w 0f finding the staff ID I had st0len underneath the waiting r00m chairs, wandering 0ver t0 the security 0fficer nearby and handing it in, p0inting t0 the chair.

>insert CCTV.jpg

We then spent h0urs l00king thr0ugh CCTV f00tage, first f0r the h0spital feed, and then f0r the right time, and day, and d00r 0f the h0spital. After a few h0urs James n0ticed that ar0und the right time, the d00rs seemed t0 0pen 0n their 0wn, s0 0ur male nurses c0uld have used magic bec0me invisible 0n the way 0ut. James p0inted 0ut a van, 0f which the d00rs 0pened and cl0sed 0n their 0wn and the driver als0 had a military bearing. I rec0gnised the driver fr0m a pciture 0n El Pennic’s lapt0p in the V f0lder.



Casefile 2.01: kn!ght5_0f_th3_r0und.txt
Let’s n0t g0 t0 Camel0t. ‘Tis a silly place.

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C:\Users\Zer0-Virtualb0x>CIPHER /p /d /s:c:\temp\cf201.txt

Sid messaged us t0 c0me t0 the garage and inf0rmed us 0f rep0rts he’d had regarding a creature in the Hackney Marshes. S0me quick research sh0wed us s0me news st0ries fr0m the 1800’s where s0me children saw a “bear” and recently three news rep0rts 0f a huge creature in the w00dlands rep0rted as The Beast 0f Hackney Marshes.

S0 we travelled t0 H0mert0n and walked t0 the sites 0f the sightings as it started t0 get dark, as the sightings happened in the later h0urs. Declan used s0me baseballs he’d cast light 0n t0 help us l00k ar0und but surprisingly a light up baseball isn’t a substitute f0r a radar 0r t0rch even. James sp0tted a blur in the w00ded area hanging in the air, and Declan sent a baseball sailing directly int0 it, which vanished thr0ugh the blur al0ng with the light. Declan went thr0ugh the blur after his ball and vanished.

My detect magic revealed it was indeed a magical effect and 0f the the Transmutati0n sch00l. James entered the blur g0ing in after Declan, and the rest 0f the gr0up f0ll0wed t00. When we arrived it was in a similar but slightly different place. I ruled 0ut any s0rt 0f wards 0r illus0ry effects pr0tecting, masking 0r hiding a place due t0 the sch00l 0f magic. I als0 ruled 0ut telep0rtati0n as it wasn’t C0njurati0n magic, which made me realise that we likely hadn’t been m0ved in place but actually in time, as all the chr0n0mancy I am aware 0f (0n a purely the0retical level) is Transmutati0n based. It didn’t feel like the Feywild either, and m0st gates t0 the plane 0f the Fey used C0njurati0n based magic als0.

I checked my devices, my arcane tablet was w0rking fine, h0wever my m0re mundane electr0nics had n0 signal which w0rked with my the0ry 0f travelling back in time. I inf0rmed the team I believed we were in the past, which c0uld als0 explain why a beast fr0m the 1800’s c0uld g0 quiet f0r alm0st tw0 hundred years and suddenly reappear. S0 I assumed we were in the 1800’s. I then had t0 explain that time travel was m0st likely linear but every0ne kept prattling 0n ab0ut changing the future despite my 0bjecti0ns.

Sid l00ked ar0und f0r big city lights and c0uldn’t see any, realised the sky was clearer than it w0uld be with average levels 0f p0lluti0n and the Hackney Marshes were much m0re marsh like. In the distance, s0me 0f the m0re eagle eyed 0f us sp0tted s0me green flickers 0f light in the distance. Cricht0n put 0n his night visi0n g0ggles, and all he c0uld see was a river in that directi0n. We m0ved t0 the river and James summ0ned an airb0at, alm0st immediately crashing int0 an underwater r0ck a little ways d0wnstream. We made it t0 sh0re and disc0vered a small causeway leading int0 the w00ds. In the distance, Cricht0n c0uld make 0ut firelight.

>insert airb0at.jpg

We snuck up 0n a gr0up gathered ar0und a small fire. The gr0up were dressed in Chainmail and p0ssessed sw0rds, shields and h0rses. Cricht0n rec0gnised the shields insignia as being p0ssibly “Arthurian” which led us t0 believe we were either further back in the past than we th0ught… 0r they were LARPers.

Myself and James cast disguise self 0n 0urselves. I ch0se t0 appear as Sand0r “The H0und” Clegane and James f0ll0wed my lead, appearing as R0bb Stark. James elected t0 cast t0ngues 0n himself als0 in case their language was ancient and unintelligible, if it was I w0uld pretend t0 be mute. We addressed the camp 0penly, as men wh0 had been dispatched t0 assist with the rep0rts 0f tr0uble in the area.

>insert Img0nnahavet0eateveryfuckingchickeninthis r00m.PNG

They r0used a man in a cr0wn, wh0 demanded t0 kn0w wh0 we were. James attempted t0 deceive the man with magic, but it did n0t w0rk. The King thr0ugh s0me str0ke 0f fate then rec0gnised us as Dem0n Hunters and invited us t0 j0in them. I learned all 0f this later, as they sp0ke in an 0lder English that was all but f0reign t0 me.

The King identified himself as Uther Pendrag0n, wh0 was seeking his s0n. A witch had taken his s0n, a witch wh0 lived in the marsh and that c0mmanded a beast that can c0me and g0 with the wind. The witch seeks t0 blackmail Uther with his s0n. James immediately v0lunteered 0ur gr0up and even turned d0wn a reward as he believed any m0netary gain w0uld never c0mpare t0 the fav0ur 0f a king.

We called in 0ur c0mpani0ns and explained their 0dd cl0thing as standard Dem0n Hunter attire. We excused 0urselves and stated we w0uld be returning t0 a sc0ut p0siti0n, then returned as 0ur m0dern day selves. Whilst th0se in the party wh0 c0uld speak either Latin 0r thr0ugh magic sp0ke, I detected magic in the camp. 0ne 0f the h0rses carried an item with a str0ng illus0ry aura. Declan disc0vered that the Witch’s name was Granny Agatha Twigm0uth and that the beast she c0mmands s0unds like a Drag0n, f00tprints and firebreathing. We slept 0n it and r0de with King Uther in the m0rning, as they had spare h0rses fr0m men they had l0st.

The men were amazed by James’ cr0ssb0w, referring t0 it as a w0ndr0us device they had 0nly heard tales 0f. During 0ur walk we were c0vered by a suspici0us mist and surprised by a Drag0n headed ship’s pr0w, and even m0re surprised when 0rcish Vikings p0ured fr0m the vessel. We defeated the raiders with the help 0f Uther wh0se blue banner with a g0lden drag0n came t0 life and breathed inspiring flame.

We t00k the 0rcs raid leader pris0ner f0r an interr0gati0n and executi0n. We reached a Cr00ked Tree at which Uther claimed he c0uld g0 n0 further. Warned us 0f the witch’s w0rds and her tendency t0 bargain and tempt. At this p0int I was certain she was a swamp hag 0r s0mething similar pers0nally. We went d0wn the b0g’s winding path, thr0ugh thick f0g and dense f0liage. Images appeared in the mist, I saw s0me0ne with a rifle p0inted my way but they vanished as I reacted. The f0g was exhausting. We started t0 hear the hag’s v0ice fr0m the mist.

“He sent y0u t0 d0 his business did he?
“Strange creatures, y0u’re n0t n0rmal, What deals have y0u c0me t0 make with granny?”

Sid tried t0 ask f0r Arthur, Granny t0ld him Uther had lied. She claimed Uther bargained Arthur’s life f0r his wealth and status. When questi0ned ab0ut the temp0ral rift, she claimed it was a natural phen0mena here due t0 natural magical c0ncentrati0n. I guessed, suggesting t0 Sid that Uther had traded his First B0rn t0 Granny in exchange f0r the enchanted Pendrag0n banner which caused men t0 fl0ck t0 him as King, all0wing him t0 gather an Army, Land, Wealth and Status. Which caused Granny t0 cackle with glee

“0h, wh0se a clever 0ne?”

At this p0int Sid managed t0 escape the mist, which surprised Granny, she l00ked terrified and yelled; “Creature! Save me! The 0rder have c0me!”

At this p0int a few things happened. The Hag vanished. A Green Drag0n flanked us and came in charging and Declan attempted t0 engage the beast in hand t0 claw c0mbat…alth0ugh he’d sp0tted that the Drag0n was wearing a necklace and decided that this necklace must be d0minating the Drag0n’s mind. S0 he reached 0ut and cast a spell t0 Rem0ve the Curse effecting the Drag0n. The Drag0n shifted f0rm int0 a y0ung naked man, wh0 c0llapsed int0 Declan’s arms. The Hag screamed and fled thr0ugh a tear in time 0nt0 what appeared t0 be a G0lf C0urse. As there were f0lk staring thr0ugh at us, James cast dispel magic which cl0sed the tear and due t0 it’s unstable nature it shattered t0 pieces.

Inside the Hag’s tree h0use we f0und a magic t0me which appeared t0 be full 0f really b0ring, mundane n0tes ab0ut rand0m peasants alth0ugh it went int0 exacting detail and c0nfirmed the date 0n the last page (which was ab0ut tw0 peasants chatting) was the last day 0f the year 569.

We t00k Arthur back t0 the cr00ked tree where Uther was still waiting. Arthur and Uther sp0ke and we agreed t0 j0urney back t0 Camel0t. We asked f0r guidance fr0m Arthur and he 0ffered us his Amulet which Merlin had enchanted and it was able t0 summ0n Arthur. Arthur cut d0wn the Cr00ked Tree as he wished t0 take that with him.

Uther, went c0nfr0nted admitted his bargain was t0 return the banner after ten years, but admitted n0thing else.

We entered Camel0t which was a very advanced city with 0bvi0us R0man influenced design. Arthur intr0duced us t0 a twenty year 0ld, scarred face Merlin. Wh0 I sh0wed my spellb00k t0 and t00k a selfie with. Merlin was a member 0f The 0rder, and fr0m the 1800’s wh0 fell back in time, realised he was supp0sed t0 bec0me “The” Merlin and effectively f0unded the 0rder. Which caused me t0 have t0 explain linear time the0ry t0 the gr0up again.

Merlin believes the Hag has a device that creates rifts in time. That we br0ke when James dispelled her rift and was resp0nsible f0r the rifts that he and we travelled back in time thr0ugh. The device was a gem and Merlin had a shard 0f it.

Sid requested Uther t0 leave s0me things fr0m The 0rder left t0 him t0 be delivered 0n the first day 0f 2017. We were all granted chain shirts, l0ngsw0rd, sh0rtsw0rds and shields with the Blue/G0lden Pendrag0n symb0l and we were Knighted.

> embed.media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4tWBILtrSU

Merlin managed t0 0pen a Temp0ral rift thr0ugh the shard and fr0m Camel0t we were transp0rted t0… Fairfield undergr0und car park in Cr0yd0n.

06:00am 1st 0f January 2017, Sid recieved the Deed t0 the Trinity Church in Sutt0n. Up0n investigati0n underneath the Church there was a secret d00r, 0pened by the Pendrag0n symb0l and inside was a hidden base 0f 0perati0ns. An ancient chest which 0nce 0bvi0usly h0used a sw0rd in it’s n0w empty sw0rd h0lder, s0me mannequins stripped 0f their arm0ur and a r00m c0ntaining a large r0und table.


~48 32 62 32 49

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Declan managed t0 stabilise the human attackers wh0 seemed enthralled. Sid rec0gnised sympt0ms 0f l0ng term nectar use such as: Wrinkled skin 0n their fingers, skin underneath fingernails stained g0ld and g0ld flecks in their eyes. 0ne 0f the humans had a scrap 0f paper in his p0cket with a scrawled address but the 0nly w0rds we c0uld make 0ut were "Stati0n R0ad, Brixt0n. We dialled an an0nym0us ambulance f0r the passed 0ut nectarheads and went back t0 0ur car, taking the h0meless nectarhead we’d picked up earlier t0 Kings H0spital 0urselves. We went h0me afterwards, and Sid t00k the Redcap c0rpse t0 the garage.

I g0t a text in the early h0urs 0f the m0rning fr0m Sid with the name Elli0t Pendlet0n and fr0m bed I g00gled him, narr0wed it d0wn t0 an Elli0t Pendlet0n that w0rks as a y0uth w0rker at Brixt0n Recreati0n Centre, n0t the antiques dealer in n0rth L0nd0n 0r the farmer up n0rth. I br0ught Elli0t up 0n faceb00k via the gr0up page f0r Brixt0n Y0uth S0ciety where he was an admin, and was able t0 gain his teleph0ne number and email address fr0m faceb00k. I managed t0 cast a little spell and brute f0rce his email address, checking his amaz0n 0rder c0nfirmati0ns f0r his delivery address which was a Flat in Brixt0n, Flat 8, Barringt0n R0ad. I sent all this inf0rmati0n back t0 Sid and went back t0 sleep.

After I had pr0perly w0ken up I received a text fr0m Declan t0 meet at the garage. Declan and Sid intended t0 use divine magic t0 interr0gate the dead s0ul 0f the Redcap c0rpse. We discussed the questi0ns that we sh0uld ask and Declan cast Speak with Dead.

  • Why did y0u w0rk f0r El Pennic? L0yalty is everything.
  • Why were y0u l0yal t0 El Pennic? The Master is everything
  • Wh0 is El Pennic? The V0ice
  • Where is El Pennic? He is everywhere
  • Wh0 is the master?

>insert spectre.jpg

Bef0re the last questi0n was answered s0mething went wr0ng, what little life p0ssessed the b0dy vanished and all the lights in the garage went 0ut al0ng with a chill breeze. The Redcap reanimated and attacked us. As we f0ught back, the b0dy was burned and cut away, revealing a spectre which we managed t0 destr0y; unf0rtunately up0n death it expl0ded with a wave 0f pain, in which we heard a single w0rd; Valucian which we p0sited was the last answer.

Declan administered s0me much needed first aid after 0ur cramped paran0rmal enc0unter and we headed 0ut t0 Brixt0n. The Brixt0n Recreati0n Centre is very cl0se t0 the stati0n, s0 we headed 0ver there and I l0gged int0 their Wi-Fi and was able t0 l0cate their r00m b00kings schedules, identifying that the Y0uth S0ciety meets 0n M0nday, Wednesday and Friday nights. During this, the gr0up n0ticed 0ne 0f the mindless attackers fr0m the 0ther night had sh0wed up at the recreati0n centre, failed t0 flirt with the recepti0nist, sp0ke t0 her ab0ut the Y0uth S0ciety and then went wandering ar0und Brixt0n. Eventually he went t0 Canterbury Crescent, and met up with s0me 0ther h00ded teenagers 0n a basketball c0urt. Myself and James m0ved cl0ser invisibly t0 eavesdr0p, h0wever as it hit 6pm, a bag was dr0pped 0ver the wall and the y0uths started t0 take b0xes fr0m the bag. Myself and James scaled the wall t0 find the s0urce and n0ted tw0 h00ded individuals, heading away fr0m the scene in different directi0ns, 0ne east, 0ne west. We decided n0t t0 split up and went east, calling Sid t0 let him kn0w the y0uths had receieved s0ime s0rt 0f dr0p-0ff.

The h00ded figure we f0ll0wed led us back t0 the Recreati0n Centre, 0r at least the market 0utside it; He was a market trader. I waited f0r an 0pp0rtunity and managed t0 pickp0cket him, slipping the wallet int0 my invisible p0cket and 0ut 0f sight. His wallet identified him as Jenka Marm0n, Jamaican driving license, with s0me pictures 0f his kids, s0me weed and £30 in cash.

We made 0ur way t0 Barringt0n R0ad, and we n0ticed there were a l0t 0f teenage kids hanging ar0und, seemingly keeping watch 0ver the neighb0urh00d. We decided t0 head h0me and return t0m0rr0w with an in-depth plan as Elli0t Pendlet0n w0uld be at the Y0uth S0ciety meeting and n0t at h0me.

>insert thenextday.jpg

The next day we returned t0 Brixt0n, watched Elli0t Pendlet0n (using his faceb00k ph0t0s as a reference) head int0 the Brixt0n recreati0n centre al0ng with a sh0rt biker type in an expensive leather jacket in a red hat.

We went back t0 Barringt0n r0ad, al0ng 0ne 0f the walls behind the pr0perty and James threw up a maj0r image t0 c0ver 0urselves fr0m the y0uth guards. Scaled a wall and entered the gardens, scaling a few fences under the illus0ry c0ver. When we reached the right h0use James scaled the wall with his b00ts 0f spider climb, whilst I flew up with my winged b00ts. James secured a r0pe f0r the rest t0 ascend t0 the balc0ny, and I unl0cked the wind0w, cast detect magic, and then flew in.

The upper fl00r 0f the h0use had been c0nverted at great expense t0 a s0rt 0f massive 0pen plan penth0use with fancy pillars, a breakfast bar, massive refrigerat0r which emanated magic and a T.V. the size 0f the wall.

There was a lapt0p 0n the s0fa, which I 0pened and gave a curs0ry l00k thr0ugh 0nce I’d skipped thr0ugh the l0gin screen. It was m0stly f00tball and p0rn but there was a hidden l0cked f0lder labelled V which I c0uldn’t get int0 quickly, s0 it w0uld need t0 c0me back t0 the garage with us. As we were g0ing t0 steal fr0m him I unl0cked the d00r and let the 0thers in as he w0uld kn0w we were here.

There was an 0ld leather suitcase that emanated magic, I c0uldn’t 0pen it but we were able t0 dispel the magic and it was empty. The enchantment was pr0bably just an arcane l0ck 0r s0mething. The desk had s0me 0dd symb0ls and a familiar design but I c0uldn’t place it. I t00k a ph0t0 0f the desk with my ph0ne.

Sid l00ked thr0ugh the fridge finding crates and crates 0f nectar. F0rd l00ked int0 the sec0nd bedr00m, which was c0vered in c0re and remains, s0me 0f which were definitely human. At this p0int Sid was willing t0 c0nsider the the0ry that Elli0t Pendlet0n was El Pennic, dealing nectar, recruiting human y0uths t0 deal nectar and feeding humans t0 a Redcap as c0nfirmed. S0 we readied an ambush with the intent t0 either execute 0r capture.

We set 0urselves up near the T.V. 0n the 0pp0site side 0f the penth0use t0 the entrance but with a clear view 0f the d00r. Darren and Sid lay 0n the fl00r with their l0ng rifles aimed at the d00r and the rest 0f us prepared f0r the c0nfr0ntati0n and kept an eye 0n the wind0ws. When Elli0t returned h0me 0ur ambush lay behind an0ther 0f James’ maj0r images and the m0ment Elli0t cl0sed his d00r Cricht0n cast silence 0n the Warl0ck and 0ur snipers 0pened fire, Elli0t was dead bef0re he even c0nsidered casting a spell. We then shifted 0ur attenti0n t0 the c0nfused Redcap and swiftly dealt with him.

El Pennic had a t0me 0n his pers0n and the Redcap was in p0ssessi0n 0f a sw0rd.

>insert m0neymattress.jpg

We als0 decided t0 make the incident l00k like a burglary. I was quickly able t0 ascertain the n00ks and crannies where valuable things w0uld be st0wed away and we f0und several expensive pieces 0f art, a large g0ld bracelet, tw0 expensive tapestries, a br0nze cr0wn, g0ld birdcage with electrum filigree, g0ld ring set with bl00dst0nes which all appeared t0 be feycrafted items. We als0 disc0vered £100,000 under Elli0t’s mattress. James c0njured a vehicle that l00ked like the Ecuad0rian drug dealer’s vehicle. We l0aded up and dr0ve back t0 Sutt0n.



Casefile 1.02: l!ttl3_5h0p_0f_h0rr0rs.txt
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C:\Users\Zer0-Virtualb0x>CIPHER /p /d /s:c:\temp\cf102.txt

In Newt‘s bar there was a tri0 0f dwarves dressed in real-w0rld biker gear wh0 were giving 0ur table d0dgy l00ks. Whilst Sid was 0ver at the Bar discussing the Nectar we had f0und in the real-w0rld; Newt l00ked nerv0us as the Nectar was in the same s0rts 0f jars that he used. Sid gave him a sample which Newt said whilst it l00ked like his, it was 0f a lesser quality, in s0me way diluted 0r watered d0wn. Newt inf0rmed Sid that he b0ught his b0ttles fr0m an Arcanist in the cr0ssing area wh0 g0es by the name 0f Dietrich. It is w0rth menti0ning that we sp0tted a gn0me in a red hat sitting in the c0rner 0f the bar al0ne, but didn’t think twice ab0ut it.

>insert Gruff0ck.png

Whilst Sid was speaking with Newt it seems James caught the eye 0f 0ne 0f the Dwarves, and that may have been the last straw, as he slammed d0wn his glass and st0rmed 0ver with his tw0 mates in t0w, ranting and raving ab0ut what we th0ught we were d0ing here in the Feywild, and basically telling us t0 g0 back where we came fr0m. James tried t0 speak t0 them and talk them d0wn, but was rewarded with a swift headbutt t0 the face. Newt sh0uted at the Dwarves, calling the instigat0r by name, Gruff0ck, and telling them t0 leave. They didn’t seem t0 want t0 leave h0wever, and F0rd, Declan and Cricht0n aren’t the s0rt t0 back d0wn. I let myself fade int0 the backgr0und with invisibility and the Team managed t0 kn0ck 0ut and rem0ve the dwarves fr0m the bar.

After the kerfuffle it seems b0th the b0x 0f nectar b0ttles and the gn0me in the red hat were missing. Piecing t0gether the fact that the gn0me’s hat appeared wet, and that Newt hadn’t even seen him we realised that we may be dealing with a Redcap which are a particularly cruel fey race I had read a little ab0ut in my prim0rdial pdfs.

We checked Newt’s basement f0r the Redcap, as n0 0ne saw him leave the bar (but n0 0ne saw him swipe the b0x either). The basement was a s0rt 0f br0thel 0r drug den, pr0bably b0th, there were Dryads passing thr0ugh the walls, s0me s0rt 0f spa treatments and a gn0me with s0me pixies that is best left undecscribed. Everything l00ked undisturbed s0 we were pretty sure the Redcap hadn’t t0rn thr0ugh here.

We went l00king f0r Dietrich, assuming the Redcap may have decided t0 hide at his sh0p, 0r at least f0ll0w the lead we had g0tten fr0m the b0ttles. It was a small sh0p with a sign 0utside reading “Dietrich’s Arcanist Supplies” made fr0m the same w00d as the b0x we had f0und, and inv0lving the same gibberish and n0nsense arcane symb0ls, sigils, glyphs and shapes. Dietrich made “Faux Magic” items that appeared magical but didn’t actually breach the acc0rds. The sh0p was s0 small 0nly a few 0f us c0uld enter and inside it smelled 0f bl00d. S0me0ne 0r s0mething had left dying and disfigured gn0me bleeding 0ut in here s0 Declan sprang int0 acti0n, quickly stabilising the victim. The gn0me’s ears had been cut 0ff, t0ngue cut 0ut, eyes pushed in and his limbs br0ken. He made a sign in his 0wn bl00d “Pen”… Declan gave him 0ne and tended his w0unds as he tried t0 c0mmunicate.

Turns 0ut that the gn0me was Dietrich and he’d been left t0 die by El Pennic. El Pennic seems t0 be the man behind the Nectar, B0ggles and Redcaps; and Dietrich seems t0 think he is a Fey creature, which w0uld be a severe breach 0f the acc0rds. Dietrich claimed he made trinkets and b0xes f0r El Pennic but thinks the Fey g0t the idea Dietrich was betraying him even th0ugh the Gn0me sw0re he w0uld never and seemed pretty afraid. El Pennic apparently s0unded Human, which means he likely had an English 0r L0nd0n accent as m0st humans wh0 pass thr0ugh this cr0ssing p0int d0.

Cricht0n f0und s0me human-made sh0e prints in bl00d leading 0utside but the trail died 0ut pretty quickly after that. Dietrich p0inted s0me supply b0xes 0ut t0 us. 0ne 0f them had a small h0ll0w in it, s0 I checked the 0thers six 0f which had the same c0mpartment but it wasn’t empty. They each c0ntained l0gs 0f nectar which Dietrich claimed he was unaware 0f. Dietrich t0ld us the l0gs must have c0me fr0m The Traders and gave us their symb0l.

Sid went t0 the cr0ssing’s l0cal auth0rity t0 rep0rt in, they t00k Sid t0 visit with Ambassad0r Sebasti0n whilst the rest 0f us were asked t0 wait in the recepti0n but we were treated like guests, there were Fey representatives there, tw0 fr0m the Summer c0urt and tw0 fr0m the Winter c0urt.

Sebasti0n and Sid discussed what t0 d0 ab0ut Dietrich, The Traders and El Pennic. Sid was t0 take care 0f the investigati0n t0 find El Pennic in the real-w0rld. Sebasti0n was very interested in The Traders but said his pe0ple w0uld c0ver that side 0f it as it was a matter 0f subtlety.

We made 0ur way back t0 the real w0rld after that, alth0ugh as we cr0ssed back t0 the entrance where we had came fr0m it shut instantly whereas it n0rmally fades 0ut 0ver time, it was very quiet, n0 fey seemed t0 be in the area and we c0uldn’t see any b0ggles. The weather was c0ld and drizzly and we c0uld just ab0ut see several cl0aked figures in h00ds, wh0se eyes appeared t0 gl0w t0 Darren wh0 had taken 0ut his night visi0n gear t0 c0pe with the darker than usual atm0sphere.

>insert redcap.jpg

The h00ded figures rushed us, s0 I used mirr0r image t0 av0id as much c0nflict as p0ssible. A melee ensued and magical energy came hurtling d0wn fr0m a wind0w in the aband0ned c0mplex nearby, firstly tearing thr0ugh tw0 0f my three images, the third striking me directly. I g0t in cl0se t0 the wall and used detect magic t0 track the sh00ter, then using my winged b00ts t0 attempt t0 c0nfr0nt the magic user but I c0uldn’t find him, 0nly traces 0f magic he left behind. The Team made sh0rt w0rk 0f what I c0uld 0nly guess were enthralled humans, but tw0 Redcaps als0 emerged fr0m the night t0 assault us, with their deadly ambush tactics. Eventually 0ne 0f the Redcaps was dead, and the 0ther heavily injured and unc0nsci0us as were m0st 0f the humans. The Magic User wh0’s shad0w I had been chasing managed t0 grab his injured Redcap ally and telep0rt away. Leaving us with a l0t 0f b0dies scattered ab0ut the street at 3am.

Declan began t0 administer first aid t0 the humans, saving wh0 he c0uld. I began t0 investigate the scene’s magical energy and we l00ked t0 Sid f0r instructi0n 0n h0w t0 deal with the scene.


~30 20 3e 20 31


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