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I received a text fr0m Sid t0 meet him at his garage. As expected it wasn’t just the tw0 0f us cramming int0 the 0ne-car garage, but the wh0le team. Sid inf0rmed us that he’d had a call fr0m his c0ntact at the 0rder and that s0me l0w level magic use had been rep0rted near Walw0rth. We elected t0 meet cl0ser t0 the scene, leaving at slightly different times.

The tube st0pped several times, a few stati0ns were cl0sed due t0 p0wer 0utages, n0t sure if it was related 0r just the L0nd0n Undergr0und as n0rmal. Apparently the incidents 0ccurred ar0und three l0cati0ns: ‘Elephant and Castle Nursery’, ‘Drag0n Castle Inn’ & ‘MamuĊ›ka – P0lish Kitchen and Bar’. Which triangulate d0wn t0 W0llast0n Cl0se, a semi-derelict t0wer bl0ck.

>insert w0llast0ncl0se.png

As F0rd and Declan wandered d0wn the street, Declan with his baseball bat in his hands, they attracted s0me unwanted attenti0n. A gr0up 0f y0bs appr0ached them, yelling s0mething ab0ut this being their turf. Darren rec0gnised the leader 0f the gang, calling him Jeremiah, wh0 Darren had caught trying t0 rape a l0cal girl in his vigilante days, he menti0ned ‘Bianca’ and suddenly he l00ked scared, and started answering Darren’s questi0ns. The y0bs inf0rmed us that there were s0me new drug dealers in the area wh0 were really t0ugh and had put a severe beating 0n a few 0f their friends. The dealers hung 0ut at the Ecuad0rian Chamber of C0mmerce which was apparently a garage in Eagle Yard Arch.

We headed t0 the Drag0n Castle Inn after, in an attempt t0 gather further inf0rmati0n. It was a Chinese restaurant s0 we g0t a table f0r seven and 0rdered a little f00d. James 0rdered in Manderin but the Chinese guy 0nly sp0ke English. Sid was able t0 get chatting with the waiter and f0und 0ut that pe0ple were talking ab0ut s0me car m0ving 0n it’s 0wn, weird lights c0ming fr0m the t0wer bl0ck and a cat expl0ded near s0me little kid.

After the f00d we went d0wn t0 the Ecuad0rian Chamber 0f C0mmerce and Sid f0und a guy passed 0ut d0wn an alley. At first he th0ught it was just a h0meless guy, but then realised he l00ked y0unger than y0u’d expect, and better dressed. Sid n0ticed a small unc0rked b0ttle and rec0gnised it as a Nectar b0ttle and that the guy was pr0bably a Nectarhead. Sid had explained t0 us that Nectar c0uld briefly give pe0ple magical p0wers alth0ugh they w0uld alm0st certainly be unc0ntr0lled and cha0tic. The guy seemed t0 be freezing c0ld s0 0ur d0ct0r c0ncentrated 0n warming him up, an ambulance was suggested but the team were w0rried ab0ut discreti0n.

James used his mage hand t0 turn the l0cal cameras away, and we sc0ped 0ut the Ecuad0rian Chamber 0f C0mmerce. As we did s0 three large Ecuad0rian bl0kes came ar0und the c0rner glaring. F0rd gave us a head’s up, s0 I slipped int0 invisibility, whilst Sid and James used min0r illusi0n t0 hide inside b0xes and such in the alley. Declan was tending t0 a h0meless guy and F0rd g0t a weird l00k but pretended t0 be l00king f0r his car 0r s0mething. As the Ecuad0rians entered the building there was a m0ment between the sec0nd entering where the third gave F0rd 0ne last suspici0us l00k where I was able t0 slip past him. 0nce I was inside I sent a text blind t0 the gr0up which I later re-read as “im insd”. Tw0 guys went int0 a back r00m and s0me clanging and heavy lifting c0uld be heard. The 0ther l0gged int0 a c0mputer. After a while the tw0 came 0ut with a b0x 0f s0me s0rt 0f supplies and the third l0gged 0ff the c0mputer. As they reset the alarm 0n the way 0ut I eyed the c0de and waited a few minutes bef0re turning the alarm 0ff, 0pening the d00r and letting the team in.

I l0gged 0nt0 the c0mputer, where the security was very basic, and c0pied as much as I c0uld. The recent d0cuments l00ked like manifests, business transacti0ns, p0ssibly acc0unting and l0gistics… I assumed drug smuggling but everything was in Ecuad0rian. The team checked the back r00m but c0uldn’t find any Nectar. They did h0wever find 15 b0xes 0f M0rphine amidst the medical supplies and Darren f0und a hidden c0mpartment in a desk c0ntaining a machine pist0l which he expertly unl0aded and st0wed away 0n his pers0n. S0 James summ0ned a n0n-descript pe0ple carrier and the team l0aded up the M0rphine and the Nectarhead with Jame’s thermal blanket t0 get him 0ut the c0ld. We decided that these weren’t the guys slinging nectar, s0 we sh0uld check 0ut the t0wer bl0ck.

As we appr0ached the fence cl0sest t0 the t0wer bl0ck Sid g0t a feeling like we were being watched, s0 James tried t0 talk them int0 c0ming 0ut but n0thing did. The fence was c0ated in 0ily residue and stains. D0c was l00king int0 it and he reminded me 0f B0ggles, s0 I warned the team t0 be 0n the l00k0ut f0r pranks 0r mischief. Darren 0pened the fence gate and stepped int0 s0me well placed d0g shit, c0nfirming my suspici0ns.

>insert b0ggle.jpg

The building’s d00r was l0cked, chained and padl0cked. I l00ked at picking the l0ck but it had chewing gum in the l0cking mechanism s0 F0rd br0ught 0ut s0me p0rtable b0lt-cutters f0r the chains. Inside it was pretty dark but we eventually made 0ur way t0 s0me s0rt 0f squatter’s den. There were sleeping bags and a cabinet. I managed t0 unl0ck the cabinet and inside there was a w00den tray carved with arcane signals which didn’t really seem t0 have much purp0se 0ther than l00king mystical. There were twelve sl0ts in the tray, six empty and six b0ttles 0f nectar which Sid c0nfiscated quickly.

In the c0rrid0r 0utside, s0me b0ggles g0t cl0se t0 the d00rway, but as they had been seen by James they scurried away. A little while later tw0 h0meless l00king men came walking d0wn the c0rrid0r, 0ne seemed t0 be putting a wad 0f cash away but b0th didn’t n0tice James until they were ab0ut ten feet away. He scared them by speaking up, giving them a chance t0 surrender. 0ne pulled a knife s0 Cricht0n kn0cked him 0ut with a punch, and F0rd br0ught the sec0nd t0 unc0nsci0usness sh0rtly after.

The team w0ke 0ne 0f them up again and interr0gated him. He was quick t0 c0nfess, s0me st0ry ab0ut being desperate and recruited by a cl0aked figure, given nectar t0 sell. Darren kn0cked him back 0ut as we went t0 leave and Declan c0nfiscated the cash, and c0njured s0me f00d and water f0r them in return. The inf0rmati0n p0inted t0ward the l0cal cr0ssing p0int.

We made 0ur way d0wn the r0ad and ar0und the c0rner, with James bringing the car ar0und. Sid t0 my kn0wledge was the 0nly 0ne wh0’d been t0 the feywild bef0re. Ar0und the cr0ssing p0int were many signs 0f Fey in the area, Sid was able t0 draw 0ut s0me B0ggles but they said they knew n0thing 0f the cl0aked man. S0 we walked int0 the tree, d0wn int0 the r00ts, drawn int0 the cr0ssing p0int as we entered the Feywild.

We entered int0 the tree r00t stati0n which was busy, full 0f creatures such as Gn0mes, Elves and Dwarves in vari0us states 0f disguise. Sid explained this was a cr0ssing p0int f0r many st0ps. The 0rder checkp0int c0mprised 0f a Human Member and an Elf waved us thr0ugh as they rec0gnised Sid.

Sid was taking us t0 speak t0 Newt, a c0ntact 0f his, s0 we went t0 the Salamander’s Inn. We g0t s0me d0dgy l00ks fr0m Dwarves and Gn0mes wh0 are quite distrustful 0f humans, as they are n0t b0und by the acc0rds but dislike h0w fav0urable the human’s made their terms t0 themselves.




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