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In Newt‘s bar there was a tri0 0f dwarves dressed in real-w0rld biker gear wh0 were giving 0ur table d0dgy l00ks. Whilst Sid was 0ver at the Bar discussing the Nectar we had f0und in the real-w0rld; Newt l00ked nerv0us as the Nectar was in the same s0rts 0f jars that he used. Sid gave him a sample which Newt said whilst it l00ked like his, it was 0f a lesser quality, in s0me way diluted 0r watered d0wn. Newt inf0rmed Sid that he b0ught his b0ttles fr0m an Arcanist in the cr0ssing area wh0 g0es by the name 0f Dietrich. It is w0rth menti0ning that we sp0tted a gn0me in a red hat sitting in the c0rner 0f the bar al0ne, but didn’t think twice ab0ut it.

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Whilst Sid was speaking with Newt it seems James caught the eye 0f 0ne 0f the Dwarves, and that may have been the last straw, as he slammed d0wn his glass and st0rmed 0ver with his tw0 mates in t0w, ranting and raving ab0ut what we th0ught we were d0ing here in the Feywild, and basically telling us t0 g0 back where we came fr0m. James tried t0 speak t0 them and talk them d0wn, but was rewarded with a swift headbutt t0 the face. Newt sh0uted at the Dwarves, calling the instigat0r by name, Gruff0ck, and telling them t0 leave. They didn’t seem t0 want t0 leave h0wever, and F0rd, Declan and Cricht0n aren’t the s0rt t0 back d0wn. I let myself fade int0 the backgr0und with invisibility and the Team managed t0 kn0ck 0ut and rem0ve the dwarves fr0m the bar.

After the kerfuffle it seems b0th the b0x 0f nectar b0ttles and the gn0me in the red hat were missing. Piecing t0gether the fact that the gn0me’s hat appeared wet, and that Newt hadn’t even seen him we realised that we may be dealing with a Redcap which are a particularly cruel fey race I had read a little ab0ut in my prim0rdial pdfs.

We checked Newt’s basement f0r the Redcap, as n0 0ne saw him leave the bar (but n0 0ne saw him swipe the b0x either). The basement was a s0rt 0f br0thel 0r drug den, pr0bably b0th, there were Dryads passing thr0ugh the walls, s0me s0rt 0f spa treatments and a gn0me with s0me pixies that is best left undecscribed. Everything l00ked undisturbed s0 we were pretty sure the Redcap hadn’t t0rn thr0ugh here.

We went l00king f0r Dietrich, assuming the Redcap may have decided t0 hide at his sh0p, 0r at least f0ll0w the lead we had g0tten fr0m the b0ttles. It was a small sh0p with a sign 0utside reading “Dietrich’s Arcanist Supplies” made fr0m the same w00d as the b0x we had f0und, and inv0lving the same gibberish and n0nsense arcane symb0ls, sigils, glyphs and shapes. Dietrich made “Faux Magic” items that appeared magical but didn’t actually breach the acc0rds. The sh0p was s0 small 0nly a few 0f us c0uld enter and inside it smelled 0f bl00d. S0me0ne 0r s0mething had left dying and disfigured gn0me bleeding 0ut in here s0 Declan sprang int0 acti0n, quickly stabilising the victim. The gn0me’s ears had been cut 0ff, t0ngue cut 0ut, eyes pushed in and his limbs br0ken. He made a sign in his 0wn bl00d “Pen”… Declan gave him 0ne and tended his w0unds as he tried t0 c0mmunicate.

Turns 0ut that the gn0me was Dietrich and he’d been left t0 die by El Pennic. El Pennic seems t0 be the man behind the Nectar, B0ggles and Redcaps; and Dietrich seems t0 think he is a Fey creature, which w0uld be a severe breach 0f the acc0rds. Dietrich claimed he made trinkets and b0xes f0r El Pennic but thinks the Fey g0t the idea Dietrich was betraying him even th0ugh the Gn0me sw0re he w0uld never and seemed pretty afraid. El Pennic apparently s0unded Human, which means he likely had an English 0r L0nd0n accent as m0st humans wh0 pass thr0ugh this cr0ssing p0int d0.

Cricht0n f0und s0me human-made sh0e prints in bl00d leading 0utside but the trail died 0ut pretty quickly after that. Dietrich p0inted s0me supply b0xes 0ut t0 us. 0ne 0f them had a small h0ll0w in it, s0 I checked the 0thers six 0f which had the same c0mpartment but it wasn’t empty. They each c0ntained l0gs 0f nectar which Dietrich claimed he was unaware 0f. Dietrich t0ld us the l0gs must have c0me fr0m The Traders and gave us their symb0l.

Sid went t0 the cr0ssing’s l0cal auth0rity t0 rep0rt in, they t00k Sid t0 visit with Ambassad0r Sebasti0n whilst the rest 0f us were asked t0 wait in the recepti0n but we were treated like guests, there were Fey representatives there, tw0 fr0m the Summer c0urt and tw0 fr0m the Winter c0urt.

Sebasti0n and Sid discussed what t0 d0 ab0ut Dietrich, The Traders and El Pennic. Sid was t0 take care 0f the investigati0n t0 find El Pennic in the real-w0rld. Sebasti0n was very interested in The Traders but said his pe0ple w0uld c0ver that side 0f it as it was a matter 0f subtlety.

We made 0ur way back t0 the real w0rld after that, alth0ugh as we cr0ssed back t0 the entrance where we had came fr0m it shut instantly whereas it n0rmally fades 0ut 0ver time, it was very quiet, n0 fey seemed t0 be in the area and we c0uldn’t see any b0ggles. The weather was c0ld and drizzly and we c0uld just ab0ut see several cl0aked figures in h00ds, wh0se eyes appeared t0 gl0w t0 Darren wh0 had taken 0ut his night visi0n gear t0 c0pe with the darker than usual atm0sphere.

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The h00ded figures rushed us, s0 I used mirr0r image t0 av0id as much c0nflict as p0ssible. A melee ensued and magical energy came hurtling d0wn fr0m a wind0w in the aband0ned c0mplex nearby, firstly tearing thr0ugh tw0 0f my three images, the third striking me directly. I g0t in cl0se t0 the wall and used detect magic t0 track the sh00ter, then using my winged b00ts t0 attempt t0 c0nfr0nt the magic user but I c0uldn’t find him, 0nly traces 0f magic he left behind. The Team made sh0rt w0rk 0f what I c0uld 0nly guess were enthralled humans, but tw0 Redcaps als0 emerged fr0m the night t0 assault us, with their deadly ambush tactics. Eventually 0ne 0f the Redcaps was dead, and the 0ther heavily injured and unc0nsci0us as were m0st 0f the humans. The Magic User wh0’s shad0w I had been chasing managed t0 grab his injured Redcap ally and telep0rt away. Leaving us with a l0t 0f b0dies scattered ab0ut the street at 3am.

Declan began t0 administer first aid t0 the humans, saving wh0 he c0uld. I began t0 investigate the scene’s magical energy and we l00ked t0 Sid f0r instructi0n 0n h0w t0 deal with the scene.


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