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Let’s n0t g0 t0 Camel0t. ‘Tis a silly place.

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Sid messaged us t0 c0me t0 the garage and inf0rmed us 0f rep0rts he’d had regarding a creature in the Hackney Marshes. S0me quick research sh0wed us s0me news st0ries fr0m the 1800’s where s0me children saw a “bear” and recently three news rep0rts 0f a huge creature in the w00dlands rep0rted as The Beast 0f Hackney Marshes.

S0 we travelled t0 H0mert0n and walked t0 the sites 0f the sightings as it started t0 get dark, as the sightings happened in the later h0urs. Declan used s0me baseballs he’d cast light 0n t0 help us l00k ar0und but surprisingly a light up baseball isn’t a substitute f0r a radar 0r t0rch even. James sp0tted a blur in the w00ded area hanging in the air, and Declan sent a baseball sailing directly int0 it, which vanished thr0ugh the blur al0ng with the light. Declan went thr0ugh the blur after his ball and vanished.

My detect magic revealed it was indeed a magical effect and 0f the the Transmutati0n sch00l. James entered the blur g0ing in after Declan, and the rest 0f the gr0up f0ll0wed t00. When we arrived it was in a similar but slightly different place. I ruled 0ut any s0rt 0f wards 0r illus0ry effects pr0tecting, masking 0r hiding a place due t0 the sch00l 0f magic. I als0 ruled 0ut telep0rtati0n as it wasn’t C0njurati0n magic, which made me realise that we likely hadn’t been m0ved in place but actually in time, as all the chr0n0mancy I am aware 0f (0n a purely the0retical level) is Transmutati0n based. It didn’t feel like the Feywild either, and m0st gates t0 the plane 0f the Fey used C0njurati0n based magic als0.

I checked my devices, my arcane tablet was w0rking fine, h0wever my m0re mundane electr0nics had n0 signal which w0rked with my the0ry 0f travelling back in time. I inf0rmed the team I believed we were in the past, which c0uld als0 explain why a beast fr0m the 1800’s c0uld g0 quiet f0r alm0st tw0 hundred years and suddenly reappear. S0 I assumed we were in the 1800’s. I then had t0 explain that time travel was m0st likely linear but every0ne kept prattling 0n ab0ut changing the future despite my 0bjecti0ns.

Sid l00ked ar0und f0r big city lights and c0uldn’t see any, realised the sky was clearer than it w0uld be with average levels 0f p0lluti0n and the Hackney Marshes were much m0re marsh like. In the distance, s0me 0f the m0re eagle eyed 0f us sp0tted s0me green flickers 0f light in the distance. Cricht0n put 0n his night visi0n g0ggles, and all he c0uld see was a river in that directi0n. We m0ved t0 the river and James summ0ned an airb0at, alm0st immediately crashing int0 an underwater r0ck a little ways d0wnstream. We made it t0 sh0re and disc0vered a small causeway leading int0 the w00ds. In the distance, Cricht0n c0uld make 0ut firelight.

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We snuck up 0n a gr0up gathered ar0und a small fire. The gr0up were dressed in Chainmail and p0ssessed sw0rds, shields and h0rses. Cricht0n rec0gnised the shields insignia as being p0ssibly “Arthurian” which led us t0 believe we were either further back in the past than we th0ught… 0r they were LARPers.

Myself and James cast disguise self 0n 0urselves. I ch0se t0 appear as Sand0r “The H0und” Clegane and James f0ll0wed my lead, appearing as R0bb Stark. James elected t0 cast t0ngues 0n himself als0 in case their language was ancient and unintelligible, if it was I w0uld pretend t0 be mute. We addressed the camp 0penly, as men wh0 had been dispatched t0 assist with the rep0rts 0f tr0uble in the area.

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They r0used a man in a cr0wn, wh0 demanded t0 kn0w wh0 we were. James attempted t0 deceive the man with magic, but it did n0t w0rk. The King thr0ugh s0me str0ke 0f fate then rec0gnised us as Dem0n Hunters and invited us t0 j0in them. I learned all 0f this later, as they sp0ke in an 0lder English that was all but f0reign t0 me.

The King identified himself as Uther Pendrag0n, wh0 was seeking his s0n. A witch had taken his s0n, a witch wh0 lived in the marsh and that c0mmanded a beast that can c0me and g0 with the wind. The witch seeks t0 blackmail Uther with his s0n. James immediately v0lunteered 0ur gr0up and even turned d0wn a reward as he believed any m0netary gain w0uld never c0mpare t0 the fav0ur 0f a king.

We called in 0ur c0mpani0ns and explained their 0dd cl0thing as standard Dem0n Hunter attire. We excused 0urselves and stated we w0uld be returning t0 a sc0ut p0siti0n, then returned as 0ur m0dern day selves. Whilst th0se in the party wh0 c0uld speak either Latin 0r thr0ugh magic sp0ke, I detected magic in the camp. 0ne 0f the h0rses carried an item with a str0ng illus0ry aura. Declan disc0vered that the Witch’s name was Granny Agatha Twigm0uth and that the beast she c0mmands s0unds like a Drag0n, f00tprints and firebreathing. We slept 0n it and r0de with King Uther in the m0rning, as they had spare h0rses fr0m men they had l0st.

The men were amazed by James’ cr0ssb0w, referring t0 it as a w0ndr0us device they had 0nly heard tales 0f. During 0ur walk we were c0vered by a suspici0us mist and surprised by a Drag0n headed ship’s pr0w, and even m0re surprised when 0rcish Vikings p0ured fr0m the vessel. We defeated the raiders with the help 0f Uther wh0se blue banner with a g0lden drag0n came t0 life and breathed inspiring flame.

We t00k the 0rcs raid leader pris0ner f0r an interr0gati0n and executi0n. We reached a Cr00ked Tree at which Uther claimed he c0uld g0 n0 further. Warned us 0f the witch’s w0rds and her tendency t0 bargain and tempt. At this p0int I was certain she was a swamp hag 0r s0mething similar pers0nally. We went d0wn the b0g’s winding path, thr0ugh thick f0g and dense f0liage. Images appeared in the mist, I saw s0me0ne with a rifle p0inted my way but they vanished as I reacted. The f0g was exhausting. We started t0 hear the hag’s v0ice fr0m the mist.

“He sent y0u t0 d0 his business did he?
“Strange creatures, y0u’re n0t n0rmal, What deals have y0u c0me t0 make with granny?”

Sid tried t0 ask f0r Arthur, Granny t0ld him Uther had lied. She claimed Uther bargained Arthur’s life f0r his wealth and status. When questi0ned ab0ut the temp0ral rift, she claimed it was a natural phen0mena here due t0 natural magical c0ncentrati0n. I guessed, suggesting t0 Sid that Uther had traded his First B0rn t0 Granny in exchange f0r the enchanted Pendrag0n banner which caused men t0 fl0ck t0 him as King, all0wing him t0 gather an Army, Land, Wealth and Status. Which caused Granny t0 cackle with glee

“0h, wh0se a clever 0ne?”

At this p0int Sid managed t0 escape the mist, which surprised Granny, she l00ked terrified and yelled; “Creature! Save me! The 0rder have c0me!”

At this p0int a few things happened. The Hag vanished. A Green Drag0n flanked us and came in charging and Declan attempted t0 engage the beast in hand t0 claw c0mbat…alth0ugh he’d sp0tted that the Drag0n was wearing a necklace and decided that this necklace must be d0minating the Drag0n’s mind. S0 he reached 0ut and cast a spell t0 Rem0ve the Curse effecting the Drag0n. The Drag0n shifted f0rm int0 a y0ung naked man, wh0 c0llapsed int0 Declan’s arms. The Hag screamed and fled thr0ugh a tear in time 0nt0 what appeared t0 be a G0lf C0urse. As there were f0lk staring thr0ugh at us, James cast dispel magic which cl0sed the tear and due t0 it’s unstable nature it shattered t0 pieces.

Inside the Hag’s tree h0use we f0und a magic t0me which appeared t0 be full 0f really b0ring, mundane n0tes ab0ut rand0m peasants alth0ugh it went int0 exacting detail and c0nfirmed the date 0n the last page (which was ab0ut tw0 peasants chatting) was the last day 0f the year 569.

We t00k Arthur back t0 the cr00ked tree where Uther was still waiting. Arthur and Uther sp0ke and we agreed t0 j0urney back t0 Camel0t. We asked f0r guidance fr0m Arthur and he 0ffered us his Amulet which Merlin had enchanted and it was able t0 summ0n Arthur. Arthur cut d0wn the Cr00ked Tree as he wished t0 take that with him.

Uther, went c0nfr0nted admitted his bargain was t0 return the banner after ten years, but admitted n0thing else.

We entered Camel0t which was a very advanced city with 0bvi0us R0man influenced design. Arthur intr0duced us t0 a twenty year 0ld, scarred face Merlin. Wh0 I sh0wed my spellb00k t0 and t00k a selfie with. Merlin was a member 0f The 0rder, and fr0m the 1800’s wh0 fell back in time, realised he was supp0sed t0 bec0me “The” Merlin and effectively f0unded the 0rder. Which caused me t0 have t0 explain linear time the0ry t0 the gr0up again.

Merlin believes the Hag has a device that creates rifts in time. That we br0ke when James dispelled her rift and was resp0nsible f0r the rifts that he and we travelled back in time thr0ugh. The device was a gem and Merlin had a shard 0f it.

Sid requested Uther t0 leave s0me things fr0m The 0rder left t0 him t0 be delivered 0n the first day 0f 2017. We were all granted chain shirts, l0ngsw0rd, sh0rtsw0rds and shields with the Blue/G0lden Pendrag0n symb0l and we were Knighted.

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Merlin managed t0 0pen a Temp0ral rift thr0ugh the shard and fr0m Camel0t we were transp0rted t0… Fairfield undergr0und car park in Cr0yd0n.

06:00am 1st 0f January 2017, Sid recieved the Deed t0 the Trinity Church in Sutt0n. Up0n investigati0n underneath the Church there was a secret d00r, 0pened by the Pendrag0n symb0l and inside was a hidden base 0f 0perati0ns. An ancient chest which 0nce 0bvi0usly h0used a sw0rd in it’s n0w empty sw0rd h0lder, s0me mannequins stripped 0f their arm0ur and a r00m c0ntaining a large r0und table.


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