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King 0f the r0ad

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We investigated the hidden facility underneath Trinity Church and researched the missing Hag, Granny Agatha Twigm0uth. We g00gled her name, C0vens and Hags in Hackney but m0st 0f the results were ab0ut rand0m c0vens which weren’t quite “when shall we three meet again” and Salem Witch Hunt-esque news. H0wever when we added Chingf0rd G0lf C0urse we saw s0me articles 0n a l0cal g0lf t0urnament that was interrupted.

We set 0ut in the m0rning, with F0rd and Declan having been 0ut sh0pping f0r full Stere0typical g0lfer gear, clubs, khaki, plaid, hats and in baby cray0la c0l0urs t00. We dr0ve t0 Chingf0rd, and the radi0 was weird, full 0f static and the signal dr0pped a few times. I c0uld detect magic and there was s0mething in the air and the smell 0f 0z0ne; this seems t0 keep happening whenever we travel ar0und L0nd0n.

>insert g0lfwanker.jpg

When we arrived at the c0urse it appeared m0stly n0rmal, n0t t00 p0sh either s0 F0rd and Declan w0uldn’t exactly blend, but they just l00ked like 0verenthusiastic Americans, which is what they were. James pretended t0 be a j0urnalist c0vering the disturbance that had interfered with the g0lf t0urnament. 0ne 0f the 0lder female empl0yees, D0reen Grey, he interviewed was c0nvinced it was just a mass hallucinati0n, because they were all talking 0f “Men in arm0ur”. She did als0 menti0n that aftern00n there was a car accident and an 0ld w0man was taken t0 h0spital. We w0rked 0ut the nearest H0spital with an A&E w0uld be H0mert0n h0spital.

The G0lfers in the t0urnament were business pe0ple, the 0rganiser was R0bert s0mething and he was the CE0 0f a builder’s supply business. F0rd and Declan had taken t0 the green t0 chat with the g0lfers, they f0und R0bert and intended t0 questi0n him. R0bert seemed t0 rec0gnise Declan as he was very sh0cked, s0 sh0cked that he c0llapsed. Declan began t0 administer first aid whilst F0rd pretended t0 call an ambulance. Instead F0rd called James, myself and James used disguise self t0 appear as paramedics and James changed the car t0 appear as an ambulance.

We dr0ve 0nt0 the c0urse and began t0 tend t0 the patient, James needed a distracti0n t0 summ0n a real ambulance as 0ur car-disguised-as-an-ambulance didn’t have any equipment like a stretcher. F0rd decided t0 fake a heart attack, yelling;

“0h, my heart!”

As he threw himself at the fl00r, wiggling ar0und. It’s safe t0 say n0 0ne believed him, but they were l00king at him, which gave James a small wind0w 0f 0pp0rtunity t0 switch 0ur fake ambulance f0r a real 0ne. We g0t R0bert 0nt0 the stretcher and int0 the ambulance, where Declan administered s0me real healing magic. We left F0rd with a cr0wd 0f pe0ple stunned by his incredible acting perf0rmance. I learned later he called an Uber t0 get t0 the h0spital.

Declan gave us s0me advice ab0ut handing 0ver a patient and getting int0 the h0psital. 0nce Declan had healed R0bert he went t0 the fr0nt 0f the ambulance as n0t t0 trigger a sec0nd epis0de. I questi0ned R0bert in my disguise, telling him we were taking him t0 the h0spital and t0 talk ab0ut the incident(s). When he was 0n the c0urse last week he saw a “wind0w” and there was a naked man in a swamp, s0me guys in m0dern cl0thes t00, and arm0ur and his friend Richard says s0me0ne bumped int0 him but there was n0 0ne ar0und f0r him t0 bump int0. I t0ld Richard t0 try and get s0me rest.

0nce we g0t t0 the h0spital we put Declan’s advice t0 w0rk and handed 0ver R0bert t0 the A&E team, as we did s0 I lifted a nurse’s ID card and we f0und an A&E w0rk terminal and l0gged in. We searched patient rec0rds f0r a Jane D0e 0r 0lder female victim 0f a car accident but n0 such patients existed apparently. I searched the system f0r issues, such as p0wer cuts 0r signs 0f magic interference. There was a maj0r system-wide 0utage and p0wer failure and they suspect inf0rmati0n was l0st 0r deleted.

>insert NHSID.png

Cricht0n sp0ke t0 the fr0nt desk at the h0spital l00king f0r his “grandm0ther” that was in a car accident. The w0man remembered her and said she’d been discharged yesterday and she went with s0me nuns, Ladies 0f the Sacred Heart. A religi0us gr0up based in the Church next d00r; The Immaculate Heart 0f Mary and St D0minic’s. Cricht0n remembered that they were kn0wn t0 the 0rder but n0t sure why they’re inv0lved.

Cricht0n dressed up in his priestly garb and entered the church. Father Jack 0f the Immaculate Heart 0f Mary and St D0minic’s claimed the nuns were n0t there yesterday, and 0nly came a few days a week. He d0esn’t kn0w where they currently are, but the M0ther Nun is M0ther Margaret Fr0st.

We returned t0 the h0spital with suspici0n directed t0ward the fr0nt desk nurse, a casting 0f detect magic sh0wed the faint signs 0f enchantment, s0 she may have been deceived. I asked her where the security r00m was and she t0ld me, 0bvi0usly still a little weary fr0m the enchantment magic. I used the ID I had st0len earlier t0 get thr0ugh the staff d00rs and kn0cked 0n the security d00r. When it 0pened I entered and began setting up, mumbling ab0ut hardware checks and data l0ss. The security guards assumed I was tech supp0rt, the in-h0use technician h0wever asked me if I was an independent c0ntract0r, which I c0nfirmed.

I cast arcane hacking at the height 0f my ability, and created a new admin acc0unt with rem0te access privileges, accessed the CCTV, c0pied the CCTV files t0 s0me cl0ud st0rage and wasted a little time s0 it didn’t l00k t00 suspici0us t0 the security team 0r the I.T. tech. Then met up with the party in the car park and went thr0ugh the h0spital’s system rem0tely. 0ne thing I did n0tice is n0w I had used my arcane hacking t0 break any magical wards 0r encrypti0n it seems that the missing data was available, including Granny’s medical rec0rds, sh0wing that she was n0t discharged, but interestingly had been unc0nsci0us f0r much l0nger than a vehicular accident victim w0uld be and they were unsure why.

We went thr0ugh the h0psital’s CCTV and f0und Granny being taken in a wheelchair by tw0 guys wh0 James suspected had a military backgr0und despite being dressed as nurses.

We t00k a trip t0 Hackney c0uncil 0ffices as we didn’t have the 0utside CCTV. F0rd bumped int0 an empl0yee as a distracti0n whilst I lifted their staff ID. I f0und a staff h0tdesking p0int and plugged int0 their netw0rk. I c0pied their CCTV f0r the b0r0ugh, created a rem0te l0gin and as I was getting ready t0 leave I printed the Chief Executive’s br0wser hist0ry t0 every netw0rked c0uncil printer. In the l0bby I made a sh0w 0f finding the staff ID I had st0len underneath the waiting r00m chairs, wandering 0ver t0 the security 0fficer nearby and handing it in, p0inting t0 the chair.

>insert CCTV.jpg

We then spent h0urs l00king thr0ugh CCTV f00tage, first f0r the h0spital feed, and then f0r the right time, and day, and d00r 0f the h0spital. After a few h0urs James n0ticed that ar0und the right time, the d00rs seemed t0 0pen 0n their 0wn, s0 0ur male nurses c0uld have used magic bec0me invisible 0n the way 0ut. James p0inted 0ut a van, 0f which the d00rs 0pened and cl0sed 0n their 0wn and the driver als0 had a military bearing. I rec0gnised the driver fr0m a pciture 0n El Pennic’s lapt0p in the V f0lder.




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