Darren Whyte


Darren Whyte was born into a poor and disadvantaged family in a council estate close to Camden Town. Darren was always a conscientious child, however as he grew into his teenage years, he fell in with a local gang against his will (where else could he have ended up where he grew up?) and ended up on the wrong side of the metaphorical tracks. The leader of the gang was harsh in his views and ruthless against both friend and foe alike. His time in the gang observing the persecution of the weak has taught him to respect those that are unfortunate, and led for Darren’s thirst for revenge.

Darren was lucky to escape the grasp of the gang, with the ranks of the army providing a structure and purpose to his hate and thirst for revenge. Darren worked hard in the army and passed the entrance tests to join the renowned sniper squad, Sierra Squad, where he was part of many missions to take out multiple PPI’s (people of political intrigue).

Three months prior to the current day Darren left the army, returning home to London, and with the aim of liberating his old gang, and generally becoming a saviour of those in need, protecting them from there oppressors, whether this be a local gang lord or simply someone being mugged in the street. Upon returning to Camden, the gang leader has since become more powerful, expanding his reach and seeming to possess abilities that are beyond the comprehension of Darren. Upon confronting the leader, Darren was overpowered and left for dead. Sid Valentine stumbled across him accidentally during his travels through London on the behest of the church, and has since been on hand helping him when Sid is in need. Darren is biding his time, gathering information and is hell bent on revenge for liberation.

Darren Whyte

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