Charles "Zer0" Bradbury


Charles is six foot one, thinner than average with gaunt features and a general scruffiness that appears to be from a lack of sleep combined with an apathetic nature toward appearances. He tends to wear ill-fitting work suits and hooded jackets, along with a necklace and a few rings inscribed with symbols and runes.


His father raised him as a single parent until the age of five when he suddenly died due to a brain aneurysm. Charles went through the foster system at a young age, a quiet child he didn’t really get the attention that the other kids acted out for, in larger homes foster parents could hardly remember him, and even in the smaller one child a time places his fosters couldn’t really tell you much about him.

Charles was often forgotten about by his teachers and described as a bright but not participating student. Charles caught the attention of a few I.T. teachers as he bounced around schools as they described him as an excellent student although lacking in focus. Charles struggled with his mental health as he went through puberty and took to self medicating through the school’s various drug dealers, taking great care to avoid addiction.

Charles became enamoured with the idea that there was an entire world online that most people knew nothing about. Using Tor and accessing the Deep Web became a hobby for him, adopting the alias Zer0 he began to do little scripting jobs here and there and used the money to buy more advanced tutorials, the real anarchists cookbook, hacking scripts and tools and expanded his skillset significantly. Charles even stumbled across a guide to wizardry and after some consideration downloaded that mostly out of curiosity, assuming it would be good for a laugh; Charles was pretty taken aback when it actually worked.

Charles went straight from high school to freelance employment in the world of corporate espionage. Using contacts he’d made online and receiving payment through methods like PayPal and BitCoin; Charles would either access systems remotely if he could find a weak entry point, bluff his way in using fake credentials or on one occasion actually work for the company for a few months when his employer arranged for him to temp.

Charles was pretty sure he’d covered his tracks digitally but was supplementing his skills with his arcane talents, which he knew less about hiding, which is how The Order Templar Sid Valentine discovered him and gave him a couple of options; work for the order, or be tried as an unlicensed wizard. Charles chose the lesser of two evils as it came with a relative amount of freedom and even a decent wage.

Charles currently lives with Rad in a two bedroom flat. Rad is a Vegan Firbolg Druid whom Charles discovered was part of the Fey world when he bought some of the Druid’s drugs and discovered they were slightly magical. The two bonded and were both looking for somewhere to live and the arrangement suits them both. Charles mostly eats Vegan as Rad doesn’t want meat in the house so he does all the cooking. Although they do sometimes supplement their diet with cheese from ethical farms.

Charles "Zer0" Bradbury

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