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[M]an d0wn.

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Sid has been researching Excaliber which has led t0 rep0rts ar0und the thefts 0f weap0ns fr0m Museums. James and Cricht0n managed t0 tap their c0ntacts and find where t0 purchase an enhanced civilian dr0ne that had been m0dified t0 h0ld and fire a submachine gun, s0me burner ph0nes and 100kg 0f m0delling clay which I was able t0 enchant int0 C4 al0ngside s0me h0useh0ld cleaning supplies.

We had the idea 0f travelling t0 the Feywild t0 ask a few questi0ns regarding missing pers0ns, as Axi0m was 0bvi0usly getting their test subjects fr0m s0mewhere. It wasn’t exactly an 0verwhelming c0nsensus but maj0rity ruled it wasn’t the w0rst plan. We t00k public transp0rt t0 Elephant & Castle and used the private 0rder cr0ssing behind the theatre t0 travel thr0ugh t0 the Feywild. 0nce we arrived we were greeted by members 0f the 0rder and Sid asked t0 speak t0 Grand Master Sebastian.

After their meeting Sid inf0rmed us that Sebastian was adamant that Valucian was dead, died th0usands 0f years ag0 and was n0t t0 be discussed. S0 we headed t0 Newt’s bar t0 ask ar0und ab0ut missing pers0ns. Newt didn’t want t0 c0-0perate at first but Sid asked Cricht0n and James t0 watch the d00rs and 0ffered Newt an incentive; six jars 0f nectar fr0m El Pennic‘s stash. Newt accepted them begrudgingly and t0ld us ab0ut the gn0me Feelum Fl0werf00t wh0se husband went missing, which she rep0rted t0 the c0uncill0r but it went n0where. Pe0ple assumed as he went missing in the real w0rld he’d just decided t0 stay there and integrate. Feelum used t0 drift ar0und t0wn but hasn’t been seen in s0me time.

We decided t0 ask ar0und in the Gn0mish areas in t0wn. At first we experienced a large am0unt 0f h0stility but 0nce they realised we were trying t0 help they t0lerated 0ur questi0ns a little m0re. The general feeling was that the 0rder ign0red their pr0blems and treated them like sec0nd class citizens. Feelum was c0nvinced her partner was abducted and she cr0ssed int0 the human w0rld with0ut a license. She t0ld pe0ple her missing husband t00k a j0b fr0m the c0uncill0r, Eladrin, which he was d0ing when he went missing in the human w0rld, but there was n0 rec0rd 0f it.

We returned t0 Newt’s bar t0 gather 0ur th0ughts as we c0uldn’t just c0nfr0nt an 0fficial 0f the t0wn with0ut anything t0 leverage 0r back us up. Sid went d0wn t0 a private area 0f the basement with Newt when Newt realised that the inf0rmati0n Sid wanted was likely t0 get him killed 0r w0rse.

Sh0rtly after they m0ved d0wnstairs three ethereal l00king elves entered the r00m. They held themselves in a way that didn’t feel natural, even m0re graceful and fl0aty than any 0ther elves I’d seen, and they were hard t0 l00k at, as if their arm0ur and cl0aks were wrapped in shad0w similar t0 the gh0st that inhabited the Redcap in the garage. The third elf immediately turned ar0und and left the tavern and the first elf m0ved t0wards the stairs and the basement.

It was then Darren m0ved t0 intercept the Elf, shifting his b0dy weight int0 an attack t0 thr0w the Elf 0ff balance. Cricht0n was quick t0 f0ll0w, m0ving t0 attack the sec0nd Elf. I l00ked at the d00r and th0ught t0 secure 0ur exit, grabbing a 2lb stick 0f C4 fr0m my bag and pushing 0pen the d00r I was c0nfr0nted by the third Elf which stabbed 0ut at me with it’s blade. I dr0pped the C4 in the d00rway, wedging it 0pen and m0ving back int0 the r00m. The Elf didn’t f0ll0w, attacking inn0cent fey as they attempted t0 leave.

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In the tavern the Elven warri0rs were able t0 cut Cricht0n and Darren d0wn alm0st immediately, their sw0rds cutting thr0ugh the air like lighting, each 0f their attacks seemed t0 be 0ne fluid m0ti0n that struck multiple times. F0rd was able t0 inv0ke the l0rd and healed Cricht0n and Darren back int0 c0nsci0usness. Cricht0n managed t0 fight himself free and get d0wnstairs, Darren h0wever kept fighting despite being bl00dy and br0ken. I managed t0 get behind the bar, ducking d0wn by the Dryad bartender, keeping my eye 0n the d00r. The Elf that had been fighting Cricht0n turned and faced s0me dwarves wh0 put up a s0lid fight but they were quickly 0verwhelmed by the creature.

Newt came back upstairs and yelled f0r us t0 “Run Away!”, bef0re disappearing t0 the l0wer levels. Darren went d0wn again as the Elf dealt him several bl0ws in quick successi0n. F0rd managed t0 heal him 0nce m0re bef0re heading d0wnstairs t0 the basement. Darren g0t up again, full fury 0f G0d in his axe, as he sm0te the Elf, dr0pping 0ne 0f the three attackers. Darren grabbed the b0dy and threw it 0ver the bar, leaping 0ver it himself.

A wave passed thr0ugh the air ar0und us, s0mething unnatural assaulting 0ur minds, the dryad began screaming and clutched her head. The Elf’s b0dy Darren had grabbed began twitching, s0 he beheaded the c0rpse but it didn’t st0p. The area ar0und the bar became dark and shad0wy and the headless c0rpse r0se t0 it’s feet, shrugging 0ff Darren as if he were grains 0f sand bef0re it raised it’s blade and hacked him t0 pieces in an instant. At that m0ment a Giant Ape burst f0rth fr0m the basement staircase, but it was m0ving sl0wer than I th0ught it sh0uld be, alth0ugh I als0 th0ught that there sh0uldn’t be a Giant Ape in the basement.

Despite the Elven display 0f speed, it felt t0 me like time was sl0w, and my b0dy was m0ving like it was envel0ped in treacle as the shad0w enc0mpassed the terrain. I was alm0st certain I didn’t want t0 be in this situati0n with the headless Elf in the nightmare terrain, and pretty sure that the nightmare terrain w0uldn’t bl0ck telep0rtati0n s0 I cast Dimensi0n D00r whilst picturing a t0wn square ab0ut three hundred feet away. 0nce I arrived I clicked the rem0te det0nat0r 0n the tw0 p0unds 0f C4 in the d00rway and heard a satisfying expl0si0n in the distance as the det0nat0r w0rked, despite the unstable nature 0f electr0nics in the Feywild.

I disguised myself as a Firb0lg and headed back t0ward the tavern, casting message in an attempt t0 get in range 0f Sid and make c0ntact. Pe0ple were gathering ar0und the expl0ded entrance 0f Newt’s tavern. Making c0mments al0ng the lines 0f “Lucky there was n0 0ne inside, s0me0ne c0uld have been hurt.” and l00king inside I c0uld see, n0 0ne was inside, n0 b0dies, n0 signs 0ther than my expl0si0n remained.

I rec0gnised the gr0up and intr0duced myself as I was disguised and inf0rmed them 0f Darren’s death at the hands 0f the Elven c0rpse. We smuggled Newt 0ut 0f the Feywild thr0ugh the regular cr0ssing as it was less m0nit0red than the Templar’s 0wn and Sid was generally trusted; With Newt being invisible. This Fey p0rtal led 0ut t0 the estate we were previ0usly ambushed at.

James summ0ned a vehicle and we climbed in and transp0rted Newt back t0 the church. We intr0duced Newt t0 Nick wh0 was still c0ming t0 terms with the idea 0f n0n-evil fey and Newt was a l0t t0 take in. We 0ffered Newt shelter wh0 explained as Sid inv0ked Valucian‘s name he was effectively n0tified as he is a f0rce 0f nature in the Feywild. His f0rces are p0werful and he existed bef0re the Acc0rds as 0ne 0f the three Primes, the 0ther tw0 being the Winter and Summer c0urts. As he vanished, 0r s0me say “Fell”, bef0re the acc0rds were created he never actually signed them and is n0t b0und by them. He is kn0wn as ’V’, ‘The V0ice’ and ‘The Master 0f Death’. He is less p0werful in 0ur w0rld, but it’s p0ssible he c0uld be summ0ned f0rth.

We did s0me the0rising that as the Fey specialise in making bargains and pacts with twisted terms that fav0ur themselves Valucian w0uld n0t be a fan 0f the Acc0rds, which are essentially a pact that d0es n0t fav0ur the fey at all, in fact it’s very unfav0urable t0 the fey.

Newt als0 advised us that c0uncill0r Eladrin has likely been b0ught by the Master Builders wh0 are effectively s0me s0rt 0f Fey mafia that seem t0 have influence in they Fey c0urts. Eladrin likely makes c0mplaints the Master Builders d0n’t like g0 away, such as the Gn0mish 0nes.

Sid recieved a call 0n his 0rder ph0ne fr0m a female v0ice that asked if we’d been l00king f0r her, and arranged t0 meet us in S0uthbank in tw0 days. We assumed it t0 be Feelum but will be alert.




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