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We prepared for our meeting with the mysterious person that we were hoping was Feelum. James did some preparation work around the area. Declan prayed for guidance through his divinations. I went to Sports Direct, bought a backpack and filled it with thirty pounds of C4, but I had to explain to the team that the bag was staying here and was just premade in case we needed a plan B at some point in the future.

Once we arrived Sid received a phone call, asking him to meet her alone on the bridge. We could see a woman on the bridge, not moving one way or the other, but waiting. Sid obliged and we set up in positions, looking out for an ambush, or her backup, I accessed a few public cameras and a couple not so public ones in order to get a decent look around the area.

She introduced herself as Felicity and that her ‘Benefactor’ had his eye on Sid for some time. She talked about how he was actually upholding what the Order was supposed to be doing, opposed to what most of the Order was doing; which was apparently abusing their power and exploiting the Feywild. She spoke about most templars actually not knowing what the accords are, in detail at least.

The accords are a pact, a bargain, the Fey are restricted heavily and most templars don’t know the human obligations. She would tell us more if we helped her find a warlock, capture alive and question. Then she would view us as friends.

It was then a shot was fired from above Westminster tube station.

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The bullet struck Felicity, shattering the illusion and revealing the human woman to be a female gnome. The round was obviously a large calibre as her arm was severed at the point of impact near the shoulder. From where I was sat I could see where the shot had come from so I rushed forward and grabbed Crichton and teleported us to the roof, as close to the shot as possible, using the logic that a large calibre rifle is unwieldy in close combat. We could see the would-be assassin, an average looking man in an average looking suit. He was bald, lean, about thirty and white. As he was collecting the bullet casing, Crichton proceeded to attack him, hoping to catch him off guard.

James and Declan teleported up next to us and the shooter pulled a sidearm and fired at Crichton (who caught a bullet) as the shooter got to his feet, leaping off the side of the roof. Declan looked over, as did I, I spotted a bent awning pole suggesting the shooter had managed to catch and drag himself inside. I jumped off the roof and used my winged boots to guide my fall in order to give chase, Crichton was not far behind me, using his acrobatic nature. I left out the open door and came face to face with the shooter once more.

He fit in, in his suit, however we did not. He began to scream “Shooters! Shooters from the roof!” as he fled downstairs into a crowd. I chased him into the crowd, using the confusion to disguise myself as another nondescript suited worker. Crichton pushed through the crowd, caught up with the shooter and kept trying to attack him as they ran through the building.

As we got to the street level, four armed police were getting out of vehicles, heading to the building. The shooter was able to run past them, as was I, but the police trained their weapons on Crichton, who in his gear looked out of place. When I got outside I couldn’t see the shooter, so I went back in to see if I could help Crichton. The officers were telling him to put his hands up and surrender. As he looked at me I nodded and prepared to cast a spell if he ran.

Crichton made a run for it, catching another bullet as the officers opened fire, and that’s when all their electrical gear started going Haywire. Unfortunately that including one officer’s radio exploding, electrocuting him and dropping him to the floor.

I recieved a message from James telling me he had a boat ready on the Thames. but my spell had Caused the officers to turn and aim their weapons at me. I whispered back to James that I may have just killed an officer with his radio. Although they couldn’t hear my message they still opened fire. I was hit, but managed to misty step through the window, and run for the Thames.

On the boat Declan administered some magical first aid to my wounds. Once everyone made it back to the boat we set off. Crichton had retreated upstairs and retrieved the rifle on his way out. As we went under the bridge James cast invisibility on the boat, Crichton cast silence on the boat and Declan cast control water to hide the wake.

I looked into hacking the building CCTV but it was a closed system, checking the news I saw that it was being reported as an act of terror and that the officer had died from his injuries. Once we were reasonably far down the river we docked and James summoned a Coach.

On the coach we were able to talk to Felicity, whom Sid had managed to evacuate. She had regained her illusory human appearance through a ring she had been wearing that happened to have been on the hand she’d lost.

Declan informed us his American Order had been wiped out by an assassin and it could be the same person. We went through the Assassin’s possessions and located bullets similar to the ones Crichton is issued by the Order (unmarked/untraceable). Declan found a hidden phone that was secreted away in the case he and James managed to take with them. Sid recognised it as an Order issued Templar phone. I was able to get into it but it was self-erasing and purposefully blank. The only thing on the phone was a message confirming that Felicity was the target. We realised that to another Templar that we would look like we were meeting with a Fey who had no license to be in the Real World. Order missions often had very little context. I was able to take the phone apart carefully and disconnect the powersource, disabling any tracking.

Felicity confirmed she was Feelum Flowerfoot and she had “forbidden knowledge” and now a human has tried to kill her she is no longer bound by the accords. She stated the Order’s original purpose was a failure and that the Order has forgotten it’s own purpose. Feelum told us about the ancient demon war, between Fey and Mankind, where both sides were about equal in a horrible war of attrition when humans decided to turn the tides by opening a hell portal which the Fey sacrificed a lot to close.

The accords were a peace treaty, a pact that the Fey were unable to gain the upper hand in because Humans were so willing to self sacrifice when it came to war. Now the Order abuses the powers to suppress Fey and the Order kills anyone like her who tries to investigate.

She revealed she didn’t know the name of the Warlock she wanted help to capure, she just had his location and knowledge of some possible information he might have. James made a Pact with her in order to confirm his allegiance for her to reveal her mysterious benefactor. At this point I knew what she was going to say: Tobias Rieper.

Tobias has suspicions around Rupert Emsworth, as Tobias suspended the supernatural programs and destroyed the facilities but believes Rupert has been reactivating them in secret.


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