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I am never g0nna see a merman. Ever.

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We further questioned Felicity in regards to the Warlock once we had made it back to Sid’s flat. The Warlock was staying in a house in the lake district. This small dilapidated cottage was actually a front for another underground Axiom research facility. The Warlock had at least six armed guards with him and at least one was a trainer sniper. The facility was researching portals to the Feywild and may be a potential Feywild crossing point.

The facility has four underground levels;
Ground floor: decoy cottage
-1: Security level
-2: Accommodation & offices
-3: Laboratories
-4: Maintenance Basement

There may be an underwater entrance, due to the maintenance tunnels for the water pipes. This would lead to floor -4. There may be an emergency exit which could be used as an entrance into floor -2. There is an elevator that leads from the ground floor to -1 only.

Luckily Felicity had a few of the access codes for the building on top of this layout information, and some Veritas Serums (Truth Potion) for questioning the Warlock.

We talked through some of our options in regards to plans, slightly worried that if we spooked the warlock he’d possibly escape through the Feywild portal if he had created one. I rigged up one of Crichton’s thermal cameras to our drone. We booked into the Derwentwater Independent Hotel (opposite side of lake Derwentwater) and along the way noted the heavy smell of Ozone, getting stronger the closer we got.

>insert c4b1n_1n_th3_w00d5.jpg

The drone recon revealed someone in the cottage, as well as the patrol routes of the above ground guards, as they moved from the cabin to the lake’s dock. James and Crichton worked out potential sniping locations.

James summoned us a Submarine, and I used my detect magic to keep an eye out for wards. We were able to find the location of the pipes so Ford went scuba-diving. He was able to access the pipelines with his tools and scoped them out a little. He returned to the Sub and briefed us, James used his magic to polymorph Ford into an Octopus so he was better able to scout the inside of the water pipes. Ford then realised there was a hatch we could access if we were able to bypass the heavy flow of water somehow.

We returned to the hotel room and devised a plan. The next day we did some investigation of the local area throughout the day; James and I rented a boat and checkout out the scarf stones. Ford and Declan hiked the lake’s perimeter and then at nightfall we went to work. James re-summoned the submarine and we went back to the pipelines. Declan was able to use his ability to Control Water to give us just enough leeway to get into the pipe as Ford opened the hatch with his welding and cutting tools. We climbed into the maintenance tunnels and Ford closed the hatch behind us, mending it. Declan allowed the water to return to normal flow and we explored the tunnel.

The tunnel had multiple security doors but our access codes worked. I noted the cameras but I was able to get into the security system through them, but I let the team know that these doors would communicate somewhere that they were open, so we entered and closed the doors as quickly as we could.

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Eventually we wound up in the maintenance chamber and to our surprise all of the equipment and control panels were manned by zombies, about a baker’s dozen zombies. I say about because without a moments hesitation Declan ran forth, raising his bat up high and summoned some mighty divine power, as all but one of the zombies exploded into flames and ash. Myself and Crichton were then able to bring down the last zombie before any of them even reacted and I got to work on the machinery. Ford assisted me as the room seemed half mechanical and half computerised. I reset the error messages on the pipes we had entered which were indicating low pressure.

In the next room there was a large turbine which was likely powering the facility to keep it off-grid. It appeared that this was the computer mainframe but it was ensorcelled with wards, James was able to dispel the wards and I used my magic to create an admin login, quickly locating the research information, CCTV and miscellaneous data which I copied to some of my storage devices and deleted from the facility harddrives. We then began to check the security cameras and look over the backlog of footage.

The live footage from the facility showed us that we were now alone on the fourth floor, there was some sort of portal and overgrowth of vines and plants on the third floor, the second floor cameras were out of order, and the first floor showed a security guard who wasn’t really paying attention to the cameras and a hooded figure meeting with someone who looked like an experienced mercenary, a team leader perhaps. I looked through the previous days’ footage, and saw the moment the portal opened three days ago, and two of the Ethereal Elves exited the portal as it was formed, and the plant growth had stemmed from the gateway but at an alarming rate. It was the elves who raised the zombies in the maintenance rooms. Felicity referred to the Elves as “Wights”, I suggested “Deatheaters” or “Nazg├╗l” but I don’t think it was up for discussion.

>insert welshfairyp0rtal.jpg

We moved as a group, carefully and stealthily to the third floor to investigate a portal. The room was dense with vegetation which appeared to be like the rainforest and for a moment I thought I saw a boggle in the trees. James set to dispel the portal like he had done with Granny’s time portal. As he did so the portal began to wane and close.

We managed to sneak past the second floor and onto the first floor. On my tablet I was able to monitor the meeting room with the warlock and guard captain. As we moved closer to the meeting room the meeting began to end. James put up a major image to cover us as we were in a room with glass walls and the Warlock was headed our way. He opened the door and Crichton hit him with a silence spell. Despite the silence he was still able to vanish from our sight with a teleportation effect and before we knew it the two Elves were readying for combat.

We fought hard against the two Elves, and as F0rd went down, myself and Declan stood over him, Declan’s spiritual guardians laying into the Ghostly Elves who reeked of death. Sid was able to trap one of the elves inside a magic circle. The Warlock however was getting away, so Declan located object on the Warlock’s robes and radioed Nick who was acting overwatch with a rifle that the Warlock was escaping.

Once we had managed to dispatch the Elves we took their amulets and Nick confirmed the Warlock was down, we rushed to the surface and the other perimeter guards had been taken out by our overwatch. We managed to reach the warlock who was badly injured and stabilised his wounds and quickly made plans to evacuate the area.


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