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Our plan changed to; return to compound, deal with leftover guards and interrogate warlock there. So we did. The warlock was gagged and had rope wrapped around his hands and fingers so he could not cast spells. Sid wanted to magically compel him on top of the truth serum, so I suggested he compel him not to attempt to use any verbal spell components.

There were discussions on how to force feed a warlock a truth serum once he was awake. To which I promptly took the truth serum and put it into his mouth whilst he was unconscious and clamped his mouth shut, and waited. When he didn’t choke I assumed he had reflexively swallowed it, checked his mouth and he had. Then they woke him up and Sid charmed him to “Divulge as much information as possible.”

  • The Warlock’s name was Viktor and he was thirty, Russian and working for The Master.
  • The Master works through Rupert Emsworth and Rupert told Viktor to open a portal to the Fey here so the master could come through and claim the world.
  • Viktor’s brother works for Emsworth directly in Los Angeles.
  • They are working with the Order.
  • They want to break the seals. (I confirmed that the seals are what binds the humans to the accords and is basically broken by humans summoning demons, which is why the accords were agreed to in the first place.
  • Breaking the seals would allow the master to dominate the world (clarified as the fey would not be bound by the accords any more they could all unite under Valucian.)
  • They cleansed the American Orders that knew too much.
  • The Elven amulets are the “Mark of the Praetorian” which invites the bearer to become one of Valucian’s guard.
  • Breaking the seals is a two part process, this part is opening portals for Valucian. The second part is his brother’s task. The Ozone smell is due to portals.

We decided to imprison Viktor, in the hopes of founding an order that imprisons and attempts to rehabilitate rather than always executing. We took him to our headquarters and set Nick and Newt on creating a prison cell.

Felicity contacted her employer who agreed it was in our best interest to come to L.A. and investigate or apprehend Rupert Emsworth. He arranged a private jet and for some supplies for when we landed. I requested a surveillance van and kit. We then staked out Rupert’s mansion which Felicity was able to provide us the blueprints for.

>insert blueprints.png

Tobias also purchased a neighbouring house for us to have a cover story of ongoing repair work. During our few days of surveillance we noted some patterns and details.

  • Two guards on premises during the day, Ten and night.
  • Rupert goes to work in the morning, convoy, Humvee, Limo, Humvee with three guards in each Humvee, and two in the Limousine
  • House has a maid, a butler, two grounds keepers and a mechanic.
  • In the evening sometimes Rupert stays home and swims etc. sometimes he goes out with a light security detail.

We decide to enter his house during the day, myself and Crichton would sneak about under the effects of James’ invisibility spell and my synchronicity spell. I would plant our hidden cameras whilst Crichton scouted the security and then we would get out. Crichton scaled the perimeter wall, noting there was a motion sensor, I flew over with my winged boots. We moved around the side of the house, checked the garage door and it was alarmed. So we moved on until we saw an open window, climbing in to Bedroom #4 which appeared to be a guard bunk. I set up a camera and we went back outside, going around to the back of the house.

In the outdoor kitchen the butler was moving between here and the indoor kitchen setting up some sort of barbecue preparation. We set up a camera overlooking the outdoor kitchen and pool before slipping inside the house through the open door. Then set up a camera in the family room, being careful not to disturb the guard in the dinette area who was sitting and reading. We set up a camera near the door facing into the house so between that and the family room camera he had two angles on the main area of the house.

We slipped into the closed study covered by the noise of the maid who was vacuuming and had just dropped an attachment or something, and we set up a camera in here aimed at the computer and made a note of it’s location. We were then able to move into the master suite and set up two cameras in the master bedroom. Whilst we moved around the house Crichton was keeping an eye on the guards and looking out for alarms, cameras and other security measures inside; Crichton found no CCTV or similar internal security. Once we had made it to the master bedroom we didn’t think we had time to check out the garage, so we made our exit through the back and re-scaled the wall.

>insert hiddencameras.png

Once we were out I discussed going back in because we hadn’t seen any internal cameras and checking out the computer in the study. James could get me in as a small rodent or bug with his polymorph, I could get into the system and teleport out. So we did just that, James polymorphed me into a fly and when I appeared on the lens of the camera in the room he waited for me to go to the middle of the room and cancelled the spell. I think dispelled the wards on the computer and set about hacking the machine. I was able to learn that Viktor’s brother was not creating a hell portal somewhere out in the desert but in a hidden basement of the mansion below us.

At that point apparently a security guard had managed to sneak up on me without my noticing, open the study door and aim a gun at my head without my team who were watching our CCTV cameras alerting me. I attempted to cast sleep on him and it seemed to have no effect. Then he shot me.

I woke up to quite the scene, I was now in the dining room, gunshots had been fired, broken glass was everywhere and my team was inserting into the mansion. Declan and F0rd had healed me back to consciousness with their holy magic. I heard a spell being cast but couldn’t see the source, and what I can only assume was the warlock came out of invisibility, disguised as a mechanic, and a stinking cloud covered most of the room. I couldn’t see much inside the cloud but I stayed in the fog, thinking that no one would shoot me if they couldn’t see me. I couldn’t keep myself from retching long enough to cast a spell, but I heard the warlock attempt to cast a scorching ray, I tried to counter it but I couldn’t. I think Declan was trying to dispel the fog too, but then I sensed the warlock trying to cast finger of death and I knew F0rd was already injured. I desperately managed to counterspell that one and finally got out of the fog; once out of the fog I could see a giant ape, which Declan said was with us, and a T-Rex. The ape was beating a guard and the T-Rex was struggling toward the Warlock.

The ape took some bullets and the spell fizzled revealing James. The T-Rex bit the Warlock’s head clean off and there was a burst of magical energy which again, I tried to counterspell but it didn’t have the “form” of a spell, and our Templar Sid, as a T-Rex was dragged into a portal to hell with the smell of sulphur. The warlock’s corpse collapsed as did the portal and we were left in the house with defeated guards and chaos strewn about us. I would later learn that this was the warlock’s plan, to sacrifice a human to hell to break the seals. For now though, we were thinking that S.W.A.T. were probably not far away.


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