“Beware the Redcap my child
That cursed race much reviled’
Their sharpened teeth, their pointy knifes
That’ll be a messy demise”


Redcaps are vile creatures, known for their maliciousness and sadism. They live in the dark parts of the forest where light rarely touches, fighting endless wars and vendettas among each other and the other evil races that live there. Unlike their more civil kin, the gnomes, a Redcap would like nothing better than to shank you and steal your belongings.


The name “Redcap” comes from the ritual they perform with their white hair that stands straight up on their head like a pointed cap. After killing, Redcaps soak their hair in their enemies blood, which they believe will endow them with their defeated enemies strength. The blood their hair has been soaked in is a matter of great pride to a Redcap and a talkative Redcap will sometimes inform their victim of what an honour it is. Their eyes are larger than their forest and rock kin, and are black with irises that vary from shades of yellow, to green and occasionally blue. Other than that they are similar in size and stature to a regular gnome.
Redcaps are often very evil. However, it is not impossible for a Redcap to stab one ankle too many and start to feel something that may border on remorse, maybe get it into his or her head that he could atone…


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